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July 28, 2017

Alienware M17x Laptop Review, Specs, Price, Battery Life

Alienware M17X is claimed to be the most powerful gaming laptop in the world. It has powerful Intel Core i7 Q720 CPU, huge 8 GB of RAM and two ATI HD 4870 GPUs. Now after such amazing specification look at the design of this mind blowing laptop. Its ultra modern looks and lighting combination makes it one of the best laptop in the world. All latest and modern features are present in Alienware M17X, and it truly looks like a laptop not belongs to this world. It has good battery timing but price of Alienware M17x is very high.

Specs/Specification of Alienware M17x

  1. Intel Core i7 Q720 1.6 GHz
  2. 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  3. 300 GB HD Space
  4. Windows 7 Ultimate Edition
  5. 17 inch WUXGA display
  6. 2x Radeon HD 4871 Graphic Processor/Vendor
  7. Lithiumlon Battery with 1.5 hour of Battery timing

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