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June 23, 2017

Android and Google Live Android Project, Android x86

Android is a storm which rocked the smartphone market since its release. Android Operating System is installed in every third smartphone sold in USA. In 2011 it is expected that over half billion smartphones will have Android OS.

Google’s Live Android Project is new rising phenomenon and you can run Android OS on your laptop or desktop by using open source project named Android ,86. First of all download Android 1.6 from the stable Release folder available at android-x86.org. Burn the downloaded ISO file on a CD as a bootable LIVE CD using any CD burning tool. For better speed and ease burn the download file on empty USB device. It creates a bootable USB with Android OS which you can use to test this OS.

Android is not only OS of smartphones but also being used in tablet PC’s and in near futures you can also use it on your laptop or desktop computer. The age of Android is on the horizon and within shot time it will be major OS in the world.


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