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June 26, 2017

Avira Antivir Personal 10 Review, Free Download Antivirus 2011

Avira Antivir personal 10 Free Download
Avira Antivirus Personal Review
When it comes to the crunch, you want your security software to work with as little intervention as possible. While testing AntiVir Personal, we ran into problems with the automated update server, which fail ed to update the product.
As a result, we were forced to manually update the product with virus definitions, which is far from ideal. The software fail ed to stop five of the 31 viruses. While it didn’t trip over any false positives, more than 50 per cent of the viruses either needed a further virus scan to eliminate all traces of them, or left traces behind permanently. It’s a shame, because the interface is clear and simple, though part of this lack of clutter is because it doesn’t have the wide-ranging features of the paid-for suites. It al so lacks some essential elements, such as browser and email protection.

AntiVir Personal has a straightforward interface but there’s not much more going for this free download. It let through five of our viruses and wasn’t great at clearing leftover residue. It also failed to download updates automatically which, in the fast-moving world of viruses, could be a severe problem.

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