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June 23, 2017

Best Addons for Mozilla Firefox 2011

Grooveshark Remote Control

Grooveshark Remote Control Free Download:http://bit.ly/grooveshark257
If you’re a fan of free music-streaming service Grooveshark (www.grooveshark .com), which won the Gold Award in Web User’s music-streaming Gro up Test in September, then this new Firefox add-on is essential. It puts Grooveshark playback controls at the foot of your browser, so they’re accessible from any tab – not just the one displaying Grooveshark – and you can listen to music wherever you are on the web.

Link Toggler
Link Toggler Free Download: http://bit.ly/linktoggler257

Some web pages are littered with hyperlinks, which can make copying and pasting text from them something of a pain. One slip with your mouse and you’ll find you’ve launched another web page instead of selecting the item you want to copy. To avoid this, the new Link Toggler add-on temporarily disables all hyperlinks on a page, so you can copy and paste without annoyance.

Barlesque Free Download:http://bit.ly/barlesque257
One of the most interesting new features in Firefox 4 is the Add-on Bar, Boost your browser in the year ahead by installing the most useful new add-ons. Scott Colvey selects 20 essential extensions for Firefox, IE, Chrome and Opera which sits at the bottom of the browser window providing a place for add-ons to display useful icons. However, by default, this bar takes up the full width of the window, even if it only contains a couple of icons. While the Add-o n Bar can be easily disabled, Barlesque more usefully shrinks it down so that the bar takes up minimum space, leaving mo re room to display web pages.

Save Your Facebook Content
Free Download :http://bit.ly/savefacebook257
While it’s very easy to post photos, videos and web links on Facebook , it’s not so simple  to save content from the social network
for use elsewhere. The Save Your Facebook Content add-on puts a Save link alongside all Facebook posts and pictures that you view in Firefox, so you can grab stuff from the site with a single click. Then, just click the Saved Items button to manage your clippings. The add-on is also available for Chrome.
Prospector Instant Preview
Prospector Instant Preview Free Download:http://mozillalabs.com/prospector
new adon that only works the beta versions of Firefox 4, this add- on could prove a big time-saver if you upgrade to the latest version of the browser. Highlight a web address or search query in the AwesomeBar and the page will instantly be displayed in the main browser window without you needing to click the link. This means you can scroll through and view a long list of results without needing to open the individual sites. It’s similar in some ways to Google Instant.
History Deleter
History Deleter Free Download: http://bit.ly/history257
This handy add-on gives you more control over the history-deletion feature in Firefox. Rather than clearing your cache of all stored pages, it lets you remove only entries that contain specific keywords in their title, delete all pages from within a set time period and get rid of any dead links the browser storing. History Deleter also shows you how many times you’ve visited a particular page since you last cleared your history.
Windows 7 Compatibility Search

Truth be told, the choice of add-ons available for Internet Explorer is very disappointing. Hopefully, this will change when Internet Explorer 9 finally comes out of beta later this year. For now, one of the latest and most useful add-ons for IE8 is the Windows 7 Compatibility Search. Basically, this add-on will tell you whether products you’re searching for will work in the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system.
Add to AmazonWish List

Add to AmazonWish List Free Download: http://bit.ly/amazonwishlist257
Very simply, this new add- on, which is also available for Firefox (http://bit.ly/ amazonff257) puts an Amazon button in the Internet Explorer toolbar. Whenever you’re viewing a product you’d like to buy – even if you’re not on the Amazon website – just click this button and the item will be added to your Amazon Wish List. The IE add-on version is designed for use with Amazon.com but hopefully an Amazon .co.uk version will be launched soon.
File Host Link Checker
File Host Link Checker is a great add-on for keen downloaders that will save you time when following links that lead to file-hosting sites such as RapidShare (www.rapidshare.com) and Megaupload (www.megaupload.com). Rather than visiting the host sites and then clicking to see if the links work, File Host Link Checker will do the job for you and alert you to any faulty links.
This useful IE add-on lets you see at a glance which parts of a web page have been updated since your last visit. Diff-IE highlights sections of text, images, prices and anything else that’s different to the most recent version of the page stored in your browser cache. It will also show you which forum boards or threads have been active since you last viewed them. By default, the add-on indicates new content in yellow, but you can change this to the colour of your choice. You can also compare the current page to a cached version from a specific date.
FlashCatch Video Downloader
Installing the FlashCatch Video Downloader into IE will give you the ability to download footage from any site with Flash video (including YouTube, obviously). The add- on is veryeasy to use – just start the video playing, click the FlashCatch button and choose your download option. You can even download an entire YouTube channel in one go.

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