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July 23, 2017

BioShock Infinite Game Release Date, Preview, Trailer, XBOX

2K Games Publishers are coming again with their celebrated franchise BioShock. BioShock Infinite release date is in 2012. Game will be launched on three gaming platforms i.e. PS3, XBOX 360 and PC. BioShock Infinite price is $60.
BioShock Infinite is the third game of famous BioShock series and this time you are welcome into the floating city of Columbia among the clouds. First two games of BioShock series takes player under the sea but this time you will be high above the sea level.
Story or plot of BioShock takes you to 1912, where you mission is to rescue a women Elizabeth. You as a player step into the skin of DeWitt. Columbia once famous for American pride but disappeared above the clouds and now there are many mysterious about this city. Only DeWitt knows how to find Columbia and how to rescue the women but his mission is not easy.
This first-person shooter game is developed by Irrational Games and for mature people due to scenes of violence and blood. Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth are the main characters in BioShock Infinite. BioShock Infinite will be released in USA, UK and Australia simultaneously.
BioShock Infinite Game

  • BioShock Infinite Release Date: 2012
  • BioShock Infinite Publisher: 2K Games
  • BioShock Infinite Developer: Irrational Games
  • BioShock Infinite Platforms: PS3, XBOX 360, PC
  • BioShock Infinite Price: $60

BioShock Infinite Trailer

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