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July 23, 2017

Bitdefender Internet Security 2011 Review, Antivirus, Total Security, Price

Bitdefender Internet Security 2011 Review

Along with our Award-winning softare, BitDefender Internet Security also caught all 31 of the viruses that we exposed the suite to. This perfect score can’t be praised enough – it’s a superb performance. To add to its strengths, it also correctly identified all the safe software it was shown and didn’t fall for any false positives. However, it was the worst of the top four at fully cleaning up after itself. Of the 31 viruses, traces of 10 remained on the system. They were neutralised, but BitDefender’s failure to clear away the detritus cost it an award in our tests.

There’s a good selection of features in the suite, from the usual anti-virus, email protection and firewall, through to parental controls, data encryption, network protection and instant-messaging security (as long as you restrict yourself to Yahoo or Windows Live). The software is controlled via a three-tier interface – Basic, Intermediate and Expert – which you choose according to your skills.
The Basic version locks down the advanced settings, while still providing access to essentials like parental controls, games mode and the firewall. The Expert option offers a much broader overview of all the settings. However, this rather leaves the Intermediate option falling between two stools.
If you want to set security software up on a PC for a beginner, BitDefender’s Basic setting could be just what you’re looking for. Its complete lack of false positives would make it ideal because it won’t bother an inexperienced user with unnecessary questions.
Bitdefender Internet Security price: £38 for one year covering three PCs, from Amazon.

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