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July 23, 2017

Bleach Soul Resurreccion Game Release Date, Preview, Trailer

Bleach Soul Resurreccion is upcoming action game which will be released on 2 August 2011. This game is based on famous manga/anime series where there is battle between soul reapers and army of evil arrancars. What I like most about this fighting game is its amazing sword action as you can kill the entire army of monsters and spirits with swing of your sword. Amazing cel-shaded 3D models and other great graphic details provides an excellent environment to the gamer. While playing this amazing game you will feel beset anim action game experience.
Presence of different modes makes Bleach Soul Resurreccion more attractive because you can play story mode and mission mode along with other gaming options. You can play with 21 playable characters from manga bleach. Overall due to its amazing graphic detail and wonderful gameplay this game will not disappoint you.

bleach soul resurreccion game
Bleach Soul Resurreccion Release Date US, UK, Australia: 2 August 2011
Bleach Soul Resurreccion Platform: PS3
Bleach Soul Resurreccion Price: $60
Bleach Soul Resurreccion Genre: Fighting
Bleach Soul Resurreccion Publisher: NIS

Bleach Soul Resurreccion Trailer/Gameplay


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