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July 28, 2017

Block Unwanted Websites from Google Search Results, New Features of Google for Better Search

Google is providing more and more features to its users. Recently Google announced a feature through which you can block any unwanted website from your web search. Last month Google launched a Chrome extension with website block features from search results but now it is official feature and available world-wide.
All you have to do is to login into your Google account and search on google and if you want to block some low quality websites from your search you can block through an option. Once blocked results from that particular website will not appear in your search again. You can unblock it through your google account later or manage it as you like.

This new features of google to block unwanted results is very important because with this user experience google can rank website better. Although google says that so far they don’t have plane to rank websites according to user experience but in future they can use it for better ranking of website.
For example if your website contain low quality material but some how you manage to be on top ranking in google results, now if people block your website from their search google may take notice of this and decrease your search ranking. This block search results will surely change the ranking in near future.

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