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June 23, 2017

Bullguard Internet Security 2011 Review, Version 10

Bullgaured Internet Security 2011 is the one of the best available internet security options. The Internet security suite market is dominated by huge name-brands, but we’ve found it doesn’t take a big name to guarantee quality or safety. Although we’ve found Symantec’s recent products to be models of power, ease, and speed, we’ve also found that the products from much smaller ESET and Kaspersky to be outstanding and well worth considering.
So it isn’t because BullGuard is a relative unknown in the American retail security market that we don’t recommend it over all comers. It actually has a lot that we like and is a good value. That said, it’s tough being good in a marketplace full of great, and that’s where BullGuard Internet Security sits. BIS consists of an antivirus/anti-malware scanner and cleaner, Web monitor, spam filter, advanced two-way firewall, and backup program (complete with 5GB of online storage), all for $59.95 annually for a three-PC license. Though the entire suite consumes about 110MB of RAM, the interface launches quickly and feels light on its feet. The major components are all represented by buttons along the bottom of the BIS window (acting like tabs), with major options and commands accessible via large buttons front and center. The interface looks different but works well.

Malware detection is excellent, with BIS catching 93% of our most recent  test “zoo” during download—be it zipped or not—and blocking all the malware-infested sites we could find. It’s also done well in independent, third party AV testing. When told to be “As
Quiet As Possible,” it generally handled malware automatically and without prompting. The firewall was less quiet and less smart, failing to recognize Cloudmark DesktopOne, for example. Now, don’t get us wrong: Were BIS the only security suite out there, we’d use it without complaint. It’s good. However, its competition is awesome, and BIS needs to become awesome if it wants to compete. According to Bullguard Internet Security 10 Review it is an amazing product.

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