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June 26, 2017

Suzuki Kizashi 2015 Review, Pictures & Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Kizashi Pakistan

Suzuki Company launched this elite class sedan car in the beginning of year 2015 with hope that this luxurious vehicle will captured the specific market niche. In Pakistan there are some other popular high-end sedans like Honda Accord and Toyota Camry which will give tough competition to Kizashi.

In fact Suzuki Kizashi was launched in India in February 2011 but it failed to capture the Indian auto market. The main reason of its failure is because in India Suzuki Maruti is considered as economic low-end car manufacturing company. This perception is mainly responsible for the failure of Kizashi in India. Maruti Suzuki India discontinued it because of it failed to achieve the commercial success. Pakistani model of Kizashi is identical to the Indian model.

In Pakistan, low-end vehicle of Suzuki are very popular like Mehran and Cultus but its previous luxury sedans like Liana failed to get any share in the market. So it will be huge risk for company to launch such an expensive car in Pakistan and many critics believe that Kizashi will meet with same fate in Pakistan as of India.

Suzuki Kizashi Engine Specs

This powerful sedan car comes with 2.4 liter, four cylinder, petrol powered heavy duty engine. It has 6-speed manual transmission (it is also available in CVT automatic transmission). This car has all the feature of modern sedan car.

Suzuki Kizashi interior & Exterior

This vehicle has some stylish looks and its exterior is beautifully designed. Similarly its interior is not only comfortable but also modern. Kizashi is equipped with some latest features like Keyless entry, automatic wipers, parking sensors, multifunction steering wheels, power adjustable seats, leather seats, CVT variant, alloy wheels and climate control.

Suzuki Kizashi 2015 price in Pakistan

The starting price of Suzuki Kizashi in Pakistan is 50 lacks.

Suzuki Kizashi Pakistan Pictures

Followings are some beautiful wallpapers of Suzuki Kizashi launched in Pakistan.

Toyota Corolla GLI/XLI/GLI Automatic Review, Specs & Pictures

Toyota Corolla XLI/GLI

The awesome vehicle with its sporty looks is in the market and getting popularity with the passage of time. The GLI, XLI and GLI Automatic are the three variants which come in economical price and among the most demanding variants of New Toyota Corolla. Among this range Toyota Corolla XLI has minimum price tag of Rs. 1,624,000/-.

The New Corolla 1.3L GLI/XLI is 1300 cc car which is beautiful blend of luxury, style, performance and affordability.

Toyota Corolla XLI/GLI Interior

This brand new vehicle has some amazing and stylish interior features which makes it one of the most comfortable cars in the market. Soft touch padding, in-dash audio with virtual acoustic positioning (VAPS) and 3-spke urethane steering wheel, Tilt & Telescope steering wheel, Ivory Fabric Interior, multi-info display and power window control provides lot of comfort and grace. Power windows are only available in GLI MT and GLI Automatic and not available in XLI and 4-speed AT Super ECT Transmission is only available in 1.3L GLI.

Toyota Corolla GLI/XLI Exterior

The exterior of this car is simply outstanding which make you feel that you are watching some sports car. It has stylish multi-reflectors head lamps and great looking LED rear combination lamps. Chrome rear garnish, side mirrors with turn signal and partial chrome front gill are some new improvements in this model.

Toyota Corolla GLI/XLI safety

GLI variant has anti-locking Braking system (ABS) which prevents skidding when braking in wet and slippery conditions. EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution feature ensures brake-force is distributed optimally between all wheels for effective braking. ABS and EBD braking system is not available in XLI and only comes with GLI MT and GLI automatic.

Toyota Corolla GLI/XLI Engine & Performance

This stylish vehicle has 2 NX-FE engine type with SFI-VVTI fuel system. the engine is 1300 cc which is also fuel efficient.

New Toyota Corolla GLI, GLI automatic and XLI comes in six shinny colors i.e. white, attitude black, medium silver, strong blue, wind red and gun metallic. The car has McPherson strut front and torsion beam rear suspension system. Fuel tank capacity is 55 litres.

Toyota Corolla GLI/XLI prices in Pakistan

  • Toyota Corolla 1.3 XLI price: Rs. 1,624,000
  • Toyota Corolla 1.3 GLI price: Rs. 1,749,000
  • Toyota Corolla 1.3 GLI Automatic price: Rs. 1,824,000 (All prices are updated on 26-09-2014)

Toyota Corolla GLI/XLI Wallpapers

Followings are some wallpapers of this brand new vehicle.

Toyota VIGO Champ 2014 Review, Pictures & Price in Pakistan

Toyota Vigo Champ 2014 Review

The official tagline of company about this marvelous vehicle is “it is all about attitude, style and thrill”. That is true because new Vigo Champ 2014 provides unlimited adventure and thrill. This SUV comes in four different variants which includes VIGO Champ GX, VIGO Champ G A/T, VIGO Champ V M/T and 4*4 Standard.

Toyota VIGO Champ Interior

This elite vehicle has really amazing and stylish interior, among the best in the market. You can control this monster vehicle only through your fingertips because its fingertips control power steering. It has sand beige interior with many modern features which includes;

  • Steering Audio Switches
  • Keyless Entry
  • GPS Navigation
  • Power Window Wooden Panel
  • Two tone interior
  • Retractable side mirrors
  • 4*4 ECT Automatic (effortless driving & Smooth shifting)

Toyota VIGO Champ Exterior

Dominance is the utterance when the VIGO Champ stands with its indisputable presence. Built for the ultimate journey, its exterior faces every challenge with grace, power and luxury. This luxury vehicle has many outstanding features which includes;

  • Headlamps
  • Chrome Rear Bumper
  • 17 inch Alloy RIMS
  • Roll Bar
  • Chrome Grill
  • Bug Guard
  • Roof Carrier
  • Rear View Camera

Toyota VIGO Champ 2014 Engine & Performance

This vehicle has powerful 2KD-FTV 2500cc engine with an amazing fuel economy. Its four wheel drive system is also powerful and reliable. This powerful vehicle comes in 8 different colors.

Toyota VIGO Champ Safety

This vehicle has everything which makes it a perfectly safe vehicle. It has dual SRS airbags, DISC brakes and Anti-lock breaking system. VIGO Champ has GOA body structure which ensures safety for passenger in case of accident.

Toyota VIGO Champ 2014 price in Pakistan

Variant Ex-Factory Price
VIGO Champ GX Rs. 3,699,000
VIGO Champ G A/T Rs. 3,649,000
VIGO Champ V M/T Rs. 3,449,000
4*4 Standard Rs. 3,125,000

Toyota VIGO Champ 2014 Picture

Followings are the picture of this latest vehicle;

Suzuki WagonR Car Review, Pics & Price in Pakistan

Suzuki WagonR Pakistan

Finally Suzuki Pakistan launched a brand new hatchback car with some really good features. After the discontinuation of Suzuki Alto, the company worked hard to launch a product that can replace Alto. This 1000 cc car comes in 9 different colors.

Suzuki WagonR Interior

Is has spacious interior with some latest features like power steering, audio player and comfortable seats. It has more comfortable interior than Suzuki Mehran.

Suzuki WagonR Exterior

Font bumper, fog lights, window enhancer, stylish head lights, side body enhancement and rear enhancement makes it a beautiful car. This car is compact which makes it easy to fit in small spaces.

Suzuki WagonR Features

This car is powered by the state-of-the-art K Series engine to deliver impressive fuel economy. It is an eco-friendly engine with low CO2 emission, highly powerful and silent that gives high torque at low RPM. K-Series engine’s DOHC valve train offers very low friction.

Suzuki WagonR Mileage

Due to its advance engine and technology it gives good fuel economy. Its fuel consumption is better than Suzuki Cultus.

Suzuki WagonR Safety and Key

It has keyless entry and immobilizer (anti-theft security system). The ignition key is encoded for exclusive use with the immobilizer only; there it is impossible to start the engine without the original encoded ignition key.

This car is introduced in three different variants i.e. VX, VXR and VXL.

Suzuki WagonR Price in Pakistn

  • WagonR VX: Rs.899,000
  • WagonR VXR: Rs.1,049,000
  • WagonR VXL: Rs.1,089,000

All prices are updated till April 2014

  • WagonR VX: Rs.859,000
  • WagonR VXR: Rs.979,000
  • WagonR VXL: Rs.1,019,000

All Prices are updated on 24.07.16.

Check out the difference of prices, when it was launched and today, you can see that company reduced the prices and this is the reason for its increased sale.

Suzuki WagonR Pictures

Following are some pictures of this latest car of Pakistan

Maruti Suzuki ALTO 800 Review, Pictures & Price in India

Maruti Alto 800 Review
After decades of record breaking sales history Suzuki India decided to refresh and improve the best selling entry-level hatchback car “Maruti Suzuki 800”. Maruti 800 is not only the most successful vehicle of Suzuki in India but also the successful car in local industry. Maruti Suzuki recently stopped the production of their most beloved car and decided to replace it with Maruti Alto 800. This new car will be made on the platform of Maruti Alto but with all the features of legendary Maruti 800. New Maruti Alto 800 will be released in 2013. This new vehicle has brand new futuristic looks with same old fuel economy and low maintenance costs. This new car is will be available in both CNG and petrol variants.
Maruti Suzuki ALTO 800 has an amazing fuel economy of 22 km per liter. It has fuel efficient 12-valve, 796 cc engine with 5-speed manual transmission system. This new engine is more powerful and reliable than old Suzuki 800.
Eye-catching exterior is not the only plus point of this latest car because it has refreshing interior with improved cabin space and large central console.
Maruti Suzuki ALTO 800 is very practical car especially for middle class Indians because of its economical price and fuel efficiency.

  • Maruti Suzuki ALTO 800 Price in India: Rs.244,000 (Base Model)

Maruti Suzuki ALTO 800 Pictures & Wallpapers

Honda Jazz 2012 Review & Pictures | Honda Jazz Price in India

Honda Jazz 2012 Review
Japanese auto manufacturer Honda Motor Company had launched its luxurious hatchback car named “Honda Jazz” in local Indian market in 2009. New Honda Jazz is the first small car in Honda’s portfolio in Indian auto market. Recently Honda launched another small hatchback luxurious car “Honda Brio” but Honda Jazz made history as it was Honda’s entry into competitive auto segment in India. There are many other tough competitors in the market like Skoda Fabio, Chevrolet SRV and Hyundai i20.
When company launched this car its price was high but later on price was slashed in order to make it more competitive in the market. It is available in three variants/models i.e. Honda Jazz Basic, Honda Jazz Select Edition and Honda Jazz X. Honda is planning to launch the fourth model Honda Jazz 1.5 which is diesel powered.
Honda Jazz New Features
This stylish car is mainly attracting young people due to stylish looks. It has sharp lines and central bonnet ridge that gives it futuristic looks.
All modern safety features like ABS, EBS, Side Airbags and suspension system are up to date.
Color choice is ample as it is available in 11 different colors.
This vehicle is equipped with 1200cc engine which is fuel efficient. Fuel mileage of Honda Jazz is 13 km per liter of petrol in city and 16 km per liter of petrol on highway.
In 2001 and 2002 Honda Jazz won the “Car of the Year Award” and now it is ready to rock the Indian market with more updates and features. Overall Honda Jazz is wonderful car which is fully loaded with features but there is one drawback i.e. its price which is too much for hatchback car. If you compare it with Honda Brio, Honda Jazz is much more expensive but with more features and power.
Honda New Jazz price in India

  • Honda Jazz Basic price in India Rs.5,75,000
  • Honda Jazz Select Edition price in India Rs. 5,99,900
  • Honda Jazz X price in India Rs. 6,31,000
  • Honda Jazz 1.5 (launching soon) price in India Rs.7,50,000

Note: All prices are updated on 25 May 2012.
Honda Jazz Advantages/Pros

  • Power driving
  • Stylish exterior
  • Comfortable interior
  • Magic seat flexibility system
  • Honda’s G-CON Technology

Honda Jazz Disadvantages/Cons

  • Expensive for Hatchback segment
  • Ordinary mileage

Honda Jazz 2012 Wallpapers & Pictures

Honda City 2012 Review & Pictures | Honda City Price in India

Honda City 2012 Review
This fantastic car is best selling in C plus category which made record profits for company in year 2012. With its impressive styling, thoughtful innovation, advanced safety features and sophisticated design, Honda City is one of the best mid-size sedan cars in local Indian market. In year 2012 Honda India recorded mind-blowing 252 % growth and Honda City is mainly responsible for that growth due to sharp increase in its sale.
This wonderful car was first introduced in 1998 in the Indian market and since than 3.7 lakh units has been sold. It also received the “Car of the Year Award” in 2009. Current 3rd generation model was launched in 2008 and today it is most successful car of the segment.
Honda City is available in seven different models/variants in India with both automatic as well as manual transmission system. Followings are the different models of Honda City car available in India;

  • Honda City S
  • Honda City V MT
  • Honda City V AT
  • Honda City E
  • Honda City V MT Sunroof
  • Honda City V AT Sunroof
  • Honda City Corporate

Honda City Features
The perfect arrow shot form of design makes it quicker because of less fraction of air.
Well adorned interior has premium beige seats with high quality fabric.
Safety features like ABS with Brake Assist, Dual SRS airbags ,pre-tensioner seat belts and G-CON body makes it extremely safe car.
New looks of Honda City are totally enticing. Sunroof feature is added in the new model which increased its worth. A very stylish and well adorned exterior is plus point of this car. With its powerful 1500 cc engine this car means business when it comes to the speed. Most striking thing about this car is its amazing fuel economy. It provides mileage of 14 kmpl in city and 17 kmpl on highway. Keeping in mind the heavy duty powerful engine this mileage is simply outstanding.
Honda City Price in India

  • Honda City S price: Rs.8,33,000
  • Honda City V MT price: Rs.8,86,500
  • Honda City V AT price: Rs.9,60,000
  • Honda City E price: Rs.7,80,000
  • Honda City V MT Sunroof: Rs. 9,70,000
  • Honda City V AT sunroof: Rs. 10,43,000
  • Honda City Corporate: Rs. 7,20,000

Honda City Advantages/Pros

  • Spacious
  • Innovative design
  • Comfortable
  • Fuel Efficient

Honda City Disadvantages/Cons

  • Absence of Diesel Model
  • Expensive

Honda City 2012 Wallpapers

Honda Brio 2012 Review & Pictures | Honda Brio Price in India

Honda Brio 2012 Review
Honda Brio is second small hatchback car recently introduced by Company after Honda Jazz in local Indian auto market. The purpose is to catch the competitive and highly profitable small car market segment in booming Indian economy. Due to its economical price and loads of features this car is big attraction for middle class Indians. The taglines for this car are “I am made for you” and “because I want your love at first sight”. With massive publicity campaign and benefits for ordinary buyers this car seems to be worth it at this price.
Honda Brio is available in five different petrol-powered models i.e. E MT, S MT, S option MT and V MT. This compact car is available in six attractive colors in the market.
Honda Brio Main Features
One of the main attractions of Honda Brio includes its complete glass rare design which is innovative and selling feature of Honda Brio 2012.
It has ABS (Anti-Braking System) which greatly helps in case of sudden breaks and avoids skidding. This advance braking system is not regular feature of even some big sedan cars and its presence in small car like Honda Brio is big advantage. This ABS system combines with ESP and EBD system to provide complete reliability and safety.
It has powerful 1200cc engine which provides excellent mileage. Honda Brio mileage is about 18 km per liter of petrol (in city mileage is around 14 km in one liter of petrol). There are many other competitor of Honda Brio in the market which includes small cars of Toyota, Maruti, Tata and Hyundai but it is facing real challenge from Toyota Etios Liva although Nissan Micra and Volkswagen Polo are also getting popularity in the market.
Overall Honda Brio is one stunning car which has everything but there is one negative point about this car and that is its availability in only petrol powered engine. There is no diesel model of this car and in face of increasing oil prices it is negative point for this car.
Honda Brio Price in India

  • Honda Brio E MT price in India Rs.3,00,999
  • Honda Brio S MT price in India Rs.4,40,000
  • Honda Brio S Option MT price in India Rs. 4,95,000
  • Honda Brio V MT price in India Rs. 5,20,000

Note: All prices are updated on 25 May 2012

Honda Brio Advantages/pros

  • Small Size
  • Economical Price
  • Full of features
  • Stunning modern looks
  • Brand Value

Honda Brio Disadvantages/Cons

  • Only available in petrol powered engine

Honda Brio Wallpapers & Pictures

Tesla Model S Review & Specs, 2013 Model is Fastest Electric Car

Tesla Model S Electric Car
Five years ago Tesla Motors shocked the world with battery-powered Lotus Elise and now they announce that they will launch high performance version of Model S that will reach at 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. This car is faster than Porsche 911 Carrera which is believed to be the fastest electronic car in world.
CEO of the Tesla Motors drives this revolutionary car at the speed of 70 mph in a car show which made crowd crazy. Tesla Model S 2013 will be in market in the mid of year 2012. There is capacity of seven passengers in this car (5 adults and 2 children).
Interior of Tesla Model S 2013 is adorned with 17-inch HD touch-display which controls everything in the car. You can drive this car up to 160 miles in one charging. Top speed of this car is 130 mph which is stunning. The bottom line for this car is ‘Welcome to the future’ which is perfectly suitable for this amazing car. Rising fuel prices is one major reason for the popularity of electronic cars and this fastest electronic car in the world will change everything in future.
Tesla Model S 2013 Price : $49,900

Tesla Model S Electronic Car 2013
Tesla Model S 2013 Specs/Specifications

  • Make and Model 2013 Tesla Model S (available mid-2012)
  • Class: Seven-passenger (5 adults + 2 children) sport sedan
  • Configuration: Rear-wheel drive
  • Engine:  None
  • Interior Highlight: 17-inch HD touch-screen display “like a giant iPad” controls everything
  • Range: 160 miles (optional 230-mile or 300-mile range available)
  • Outlet requirement: 220V or 110V Power: 415 Nm (306 ft-lbs) of torque
  • Quickness: Zero to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds (4.5 seconds promised for future high-performance model)
  • Top Speed: 130 mph
  • Base Price: $49,900 (after U.S. Federal Tax Credit)

Tesla Model S Video Review

Honda Civic 2012 Wallpapers, Pictures of Interior & Exterior

Honda Civic 2012 is one stunning upcoming vehicle. Honda Civic is the most successful car series of company which is coming with new and improved features in 2012. Shape of Honda Civic 2012 is almost same as previous model. Honda Civic 2012 Wallpapers are given below which shows you the class and elegance of this car. Followings pictures of New Honda Civic 2012 are selected carefully to give you complete view about this car. There are pictures of interior, exterior, cargo capacity and other parts of Honda Civic 2012.

Honda Civic 2012 Wallpaper

Honda Civic 2012 Pictures Gallery