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June 26, 2017

Suzuki Kizashi 2015 Review, Pictures & Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Kizashi Pakistan

Suzuki Company launched this elite class sedan car in the beginning of year 2015 with hope that this luxurious vehicle will captured the specific market niche. In Pakistan there are some other popular high-end sedans like Honda Accord and Toyota Camry which will give tough competition to Kizashi.

In fact Suzuki Kizashi was launched in India in February 2011 but it failed to capture the Indian auto market. The main reason of its failure is because in India Suzuki Maruti is considered as economic low-end car manufacturing company. This perception is mainly responsible for the failure of Kizashi in India. Maruti Suzuki India discontinued it because of it failed to achieve the commercial success. Pakistani model of Kizashi is identical to the Indian model.

In Pakistan, low-end vehicle of Suzuki are very popular like Mehran and Cultus but its previous luxury sedans like Liana failed to get any share in the market. So it will be huge risk for company to launch such an expensive car in Pakistan and many critics believe that Kizashi will meet with same fate in Pakistan as of India.

Suzuki Kizashi Engine Specs

This powerful sedan car comes with 2.4 liter, four cylinder, petrol powered heavy duty engine. It has 6-speed manual transmission (it is also available in CVT automatic transmission). This car has all the feature of modern sedan car.

Suzuki Kizashi interior & Exterior

This vehicle has some stylish looks and its exterior is beautifully designed. Similarly its interior is not only comfortable but also modern. Kizashi is equipped with some latest features like Keyless entry, automatic wipers, parking sensors, multifunction steering wheels, power adjustable seats, leather seats, CVT variant, alloy wheels and climate control.

Suzuki Kizashi 2015 price in Pakistan

The starting price of Suzuki Kizashi in Pakistan is 50 lacks.

Suzuki Kizashi Pakistan Pictures

Followings are some beautiful wallpapers of Suzuki Kizashi launched in Pakistan.

Toyota VIGO Champ 2014 Review, Pictures & Price in Pakistan

Toyota Vigo Champ 2014 Review

The official tagline of company about this marvelous vehicle is “it is all about attitude, style and thrill”. That is true because new Vigo Champ 2014 provides unlimited adventure and thrill. This SUV comes in four different variants which includes VIGO Champ GX, VIGO Champ G A/T, VIGO Champ V M/T and 4*4 Standard.

Toyota VIGO Champ Interior

This elite vehicle has really amazing and stylish interior, among the best in the market. You can control this monster vehicle only through your fingertips because its fingertips control power steering. It has sand beige interior with many modern features which includes;

  • Steering Audio Switches
  • Keyless Entry
  • GPS Navigation
  • Power Window Wooden Panel
  • Two tone interior
  • Retractable side mirrors
  • 4*4 ECT Automatic (effortless driving & Smooth shifting)

Toyota VIGO Champ Exterior

Dominance is the utterance when the VIGO Champ stands with its indisputable presence. Built for the ultimate journey, its exterior faces every challenge with grace, power and luxury. This luxury vehicle has many outstanding features which includes;

  • Headlamps
  • Chrome Rear Bumper
  • 17 inch Alloy RIMS
  • Roll Bar
  • Chrome Grill
  • Bug Guard
  • Roof Carrier
  • Rear View Camera

Toyota VIGO Champ 2014 Engine & Performance

This vehicle has powerful 2KD-FTV 2500cc engine with an amazing fuel economy. Its four wheel drive system is also powerful and reliable. This powerful vehicle comes in 8 different colors.

Toyota VIGO Champ Safety

This vehicle has everything which makes it a perfectly safe vehicle. It has dual SRS airbags, DISC brakes and Anti-lock breaking system. VIGO Champ has GOA body structure which ensures safety for passenger in case of accident.

Toyota VIGO Champ 2014 price in Pakistan

Variant Ex-Factory Price
VIGO Champ GX Rs. 3,699,000
VIGO Champ G A/T Rs. 3,649,000
VIGO Champ V M/T Rs. 3,449,000
4*4 Standard Rs. 3,125,000

Toyota VIGO Champ 2014 Picture

Followings are the picture of this latest vehicle;

Suzuki WagonR Car Review, Pics & Price in Pakistan

Suzuki WagonR Pakistan

Finally Suzuki Pakistan launched a brand new hatchback car with some really good features. After the discontinuation of Suzuki Alto, the company worked hard to launch a product that can replace Alto. This 1000 cc car comes in 9 different colors.

Suzuki WagonR Interior

Is has spacious interior with some latest features like power steering, audio player and comfortable seats. It has more comfortable interior than Suzuki Mehran.

Suzuki WagonR Exterior

Font bumper, fog lights, window enhancer, stylish head lights, side body enhancement and rear enhancement makes it a beautiful car. This car is compact which makes it easy to fit in small spaces.

Suzuki WagonR Features

This car is powered by the state-of-the-art K Series engine to deliver impressive fuel economy. It is an eco-friendly engine with low CO2 emission, highly powerful and silent that gives high torque at low RPM. K-Series engine’s DOHC valve train offers very low friction.

Suzuki WagonR Mileage

Due to its advance engine and technology it gives good fuel economy. Its fuel consumption is better than Suzuki Cultus.

Suzuki WagonR Safety and Key

It has keyless entry and immobilizer (anti-theft security system). The ignition key is encoded for exclusive use with the immobilizer only; there it is impossible to start the engine without the original encoded ignition key.

This car is introduced in three different variants i.e. VX, VXR and VXL.

Suzuki WagonR Price in Pakistn

  • WagonR VX: Rs.899,000
  • WagonR VXR: Rs.1,049,000
  • WagonR VXL: Rs.1,089,000

All prices are updated till April 2014

  • WagonR VX: Rs.859,000
  • WagonR VXR: Rs.979,000
  • WagonR VXL: Rs.1,019,000

All Prices are updated on 24.07.16.

Check out the difference of prices, when it was launched and today, you can see that company reduced the prices and this is the reason for its increased sale.

Suzuki WagonR Pictures

Following are some pictures of this latest car of Pakistan

Suzuki APV Van 2012 Review, Wallpapers, Price in Pakistan

Suzuki APV 2012 Review

Suzuki APV is latest and most luxurious van available in the local Pakistani auto market. Suzuki APV is designed while keeping in mind the local conditions. Although this van is perfect for commercial use but its personal usage is also increasing. Suzuki APV van is available in two models;
Suzuki APV 1.5L  CNG
Suzuki APV 1.5L  M/T
CNG model of Suzuki APV is little bit more expensive as it comes with company fitted CNG kit.

Suzuki APV 2012 Engine, Performance & Mileage
New Suzuki APV comes with 1493 cc, 4 cylinder engine. Fuel system is advanced Multi Point Electronic Fuel Injection System (MPI) which ensures good fuel economy. Suzuki APV mileage is also impressive due to modern engine technologies like MPI.  Fuel tank capacity of Suzuki APV is 46 liters. With its five speed manual transmission systems and powerful engine it gives you ultimate driving experience.
Suzuki APV 2012 Safety & Comfort Features
Vertical discs front brakes and trailing drums rear brakes ensures maximum safety along with its modern suspension system (front suspension: McPherson Strut and coil spring, rear suspension: 3 link axle with coil spring). All comfort features like air conditioner, power windows, power steering, central locking and advance CD player are present in Suzuki APV.
Suzuki APV Design, Colours, Interior & Exterior
Specious interior of Suzuki APV has 8 passengers capacity. Seats are very comfortable with armrest. Roof top air conditioning provides excellent cooling during hot summer. Suzuki APV has really elegant exterior with crystal head lights, colored turn lights, fog lamps, rear end spoiler, matching side mirrors and chromed front grille. Available in three eye catching colours Suzuki APV has stunning design and aerodynamic body shape.
Although Suzuki APV comes with huge price tag but with its touch engine which is especially designed for long journey and huge cargo loads Suzuki APV is the best luxury van available in local Pakistan Market.

  • Suzuki APV 1.5L MT 2012 price in Pakistan Rs. 2,094,000
  • Suzuki APV 1.5L CNG 2012 price in Pakistan Rs. 2,174,500
All prices are update on 8 October 2012.

Suzuki APV Images & Wallpapers

Suzuki APV Video Review

Suzuki Ravi Pickup EURO II 2012 Review & Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Ravi 2012 Review
Suzuki Ravi is mini cargo van with unprecedented success in local Pakistani auto market. This commercial van is breadwinner for millions of Pakistanis. Its competitive price and low maintenance costs along with fuel efficiency makes it leading cargo van in local auto market. New Suzuki Ravi Pickup 2011 model comes in one variants;

  • Suzuki Ravi Pickup EURO II

Engine, Mileage & Performance
Suzuki Ravi has 800 cc, four-stroke cycle, water cooled OHC engine which is not only reliable but also fuel efficient. It has fuel tank capacity of 36 liters and in Suzuki Ravi CNG gas cylinder capacity is 40 liter (2 cylinders of 20 L capacity). Suzuki Ravi mileage is impressive and especially in busy urban road it provides best mileage among its competitors. Suzuki Ravi loading capacity is 600 kg but you can load even up to 1000 kg cargo in it.

Design, Colours, Interior & Exterior
New Suzuki Ravi comes in three attractive shades i.e. solid white, silky silver and pearl red. Exterior is impressive with extended bumper and front grille with Suzuki monogram. Interior is not very comfortable but it is justified because of its competitive price.
Safety and Comfort Features
Suzuki Ravi comes with front and rear drum brakes along with 12 inch steel wheels. Suspension system is also impressive with front strut and rear leaf spring. 4 speed manual transmission system combines with other features to provide excellent handling and control.
Overall Suzuki Ravi revolutionized the specific auto segment of local Pakistan market. Without any doubt it is leading cargo commercial vehicle in the country.

  • Suzuki Ravi EURO II price in Pakistan Rs. 602,000

New Suzuki Ravi 2012 Model Pictures & Wallpapers

Suzuki Jimny 2012 Review, Wallpapers & Price in Pakistan

New Suzuki Jimny 2012 Review
Suzuki Jimny is impressive compact four wheel jeep. It is designed for those adventurers who like to have stylish 4W ride. Although price of Suzuki Jimny is high but it has no major competitor in local auto market hence Jeep lovers have very limited options other then Suzuki Jimny. It comes in two different models;

  • JLSX MT 2012
  • JLDXMT 2012

Engine, Mileage & Performance
This Jeep is blessed with powerful 1328 cc, 16 valves, 4 cylinder engine which not only provides excellent speed but also reliability. Although petrol powered engine of Suzuki Jimny is not fuel efficient but still it provides reasonable mileage. It comes with 5 speed manual transmission system which provides smooth driving experience.

Design, Colours, Interior & Exterior
Available in two appealing colours i.e. solid white and silky silver, Suzuki Jimny has excellent and eye catching design. Modern design and exterior of Suzuki Jimny is adorned with crystal head lamps, stylish & sporty grille, stylish backlight, 15 inch steel rim and graceful black side mirrors. Cabin is roomy and stylish with modern interior features like instrument panel, driving option and tachometer.
Safety and Comfort Features
Front and rear suspension system contains 3-limk rigid coil spring. Front disc brakes and rear drum brakes made it more secure. With its aluminum alloy wheels and hydraulic steering type it gives you ultimate driving experience.
Overall Suzuki Jimny is classic four wheel drive jeep available in local Pakistan auto market. The only problem of this Jeep is that it comes with huge price tag.

  • Suzuki Jimny JLSX M/T price in Pakistan Rs. 2,074,500
  • Suzuki Jimny JLDX M/T price in Pakistan Rs. 2,223,000

All prices are up dated on 1 October 2012

Suzuki Jimny 2012 Pictures & Wallpapers

New Suzuki Jimny 2011 Video Review

Suzuki Swift 2012 Review | DX, DLX & Automatic Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Swift 2012 Review

Suzuki Swift is latest hatchback car recently launched by Suzuki Motors Pakistan in local auto market. The competition in Pakistan auto market is not very tough and there is no prominent rival of Suzuki Swift in the market. New Suzuki Swift 2011 model comes in two models;

  • Suzuki Swift 1.3 DLX
  • Suzuki Swift 1.3 DX
  • Suzuki Swift Automatic

Engine, Mileage & Performance
Suzuki Swift 1.3 DL has powerful 1300 cc engine and Suzuki Swift 1.3L DLX has 1328 cc engine. With manual transmission system and improved engine technology New Suzuki Swift gives you excellent acceleration speed. Petrol powered engine of this car is fuel efficient and it gives you excellent mileage. There is no factory fitted CNG version available but you can install CNG kit in it for more mileage.

Design, Colours & Appearance
With its stylish and stunning looks this hatchback car comes in 7 different colours and provides ample colours choice to the customer. Its aerodynamic design and compact dimensions makes it more appealing. Although it is compact hatchback but there is plenty of room inside the car.
Safety Features, Interior & Exterior
All latest safety features like anti-lock braking system, central locking and strong seat belts are part of the package. Other comfort features includes leather seats, power seats, air conditioner, power windows and power steering. All these latest features makes Suzuki Swift leading automatic car in hatchback segment of Pakistan auto market. Awesome exterior along with roomy and comfortable interior enhance the attraction of this machine.
Overall it is excellent hatchback car and gaining popularity in local Pakistani auto market.

  • Suzuki Swift 1.3 DLX price in Pakistan Rs. 1,231,500
  • Suzuki Swift 1.3 DX price in Pakistan Rs. 1,151,500
  • Suzuki Swift Automatic Price in Pakistan: Rs. 1,366,000

All prices are updated on 1 October 2012

Suzuki Swift Images, Wallpapers and Pictures

Suzuki Liana 2012 Review, Wallpapers, RXI, LXI & Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Liana 2012 Review

Suzuki is leading car and bike manufacturing company in Pakistan. Almost all model of vehicles launched by company in local Pakistan auto market made impressive success except Suzuki Liana. Suzuki Liana fails to make impression in four door sedan car segment due to its high price and tough competition in the market. New Suzuki Liana 2012 model comes in four different models;

  • Suzuki Liana RXI 1.3 Manual Transmission 2012
  • Suzuki Liana RXI 1.3 Manual Transmission CNG 2012
  • Suzuki Liana LXI 1.3L Manual Transmission 2012
  • Suzuki Liana LXI 1.3L Manual Transmission CNG 2012

New Suzuki Liana Engine, Mileage & Performance
Suzuki Liana blessed with 1328 cc, 4 cylinder engine with MPI (multi-point fuel injection) system. Presence of MPI makes it fuel efficient car. Both fueling options are available i.e. CNG and Petrol and Suzuki Liana mileage is also impressive. It has five speed manual transmission system. Total fuel tank capacity of Suzuki Liana is 50 liters.
New Suzuki Liana Design, Appearance & Colours
Suzuki Liana comes in 5 different shades which includes white, silky silver, graphite gray, eminent blue and pearl red. Although design is unique but personally I really don’t like its design. One of the main problems in Suzuki Liana is its boring design and looks.
New Suzuki Liana Interior & Exterior
Interior is capacious with 5 persons capacity. Comfortable seats and rich textured bright interior design are plus points of car. Presence of tachometer and latest MP3 CD player along with automatic options make it very comfortable for drivers and passengers. Suzuki Liana exterior has sparkling rear combination lamp, crystal head lamps, stylish chrome grill and full wheel caps.
New Suzuki Liana Safety and Comfort Features
Keyless entry with immobilizer technique provides maximum security and without original encoded ignition key you cannot start this car. Modern suspension system (front McPherson strut and coil spring) and Brakes (front ventilated discs and rear leading and trailing drum) along with Rack n P power steering gives you excellent handling and control. Anti lock braking system and central locking are also prominent features of Suzuki Liana.

  • New Suzuki Liana 1.3L RXI MT latest price in Pakistan Rs. 1,332,500
  • New Suzuki Liana 1.3L RXI MT CNG latest price in Pakistan Rs. 1,411,500

All Prices are updated on 1 May 2012.

New Suzuki Liana Wallpapers & Pictures

Suzuki Bolan VX EURO II Review & Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Bolan Review/Preview

Suzuki Bolan is one of the most successful hi roof Van in Pakistan Auto Market. This four wheel machine is designed for multi purposes i.e. it has plenty of room for passengers and it is powerful enough to carry huge cargo loads. With additional option  of air conditioner now passengers can enjoy more comfort and luxury. Due to its low price New Suzuki Bolan Van 2011 (also known as Carry Dubba in Pakistan) is leading vehicle of Van segment in Pakistan.


Suzuki Bolan Van mileage is just perfect due to its fuel efficient 800 cc, OHC, Four stroke engine. The engine of Suzuki Bolan Van is powerful enough to carry huge cargo or passenger loads. New Suzuki Bolan Van 2011 interior is not only spacious but more comfortable with matching fabric seats with door trims. Available in three charming colors the van also has good exterior and compact dimensions. People uses Suzuki Bolan in Pakistan for different purposes and it suits them due to its competitive price and low maintenance and fuel costs.

Price list/rate list of all models of New Suzuki Bolan Van 2012 model;

Suzuki Bolan VX EURO II price: Rs 654,000 (Price on 01-10-2012)

Suzuki Bolan VX EURO II Price: Rs. 700,000 (Price updated on 24.07.2016)

Suzuki Bolan Van 2012 Specs/Specifications/ Features

  • Engine 800 cc OHC four stroke engine
  • No. of cylinder 3
  • Fuel type CNG and Petrol
  • Transmission Manual 4-speed
  • Suspension Strut, Leaf Spring
  • Brakes Drum Brakes front and rear
  • Wheel Steel 13 inch

New Suzuki Bolan Van 2012 pictures & wallpapers

New Suzuki Bolan 2011 Video

New Suzuki Mehran 2012 EURO II Review, Wallpapers & Prices in Pakistan

Suzuki Mehran is best selling car in Pakistan. New Suzuki Mehran 2012 which is also known as small wonder is the most popular hatchback car especially designed for middle class people of Pakistan. New Suzuki Mehran 2012 model is available in following four variants in Pakistan;

  • Suzuki Mehran VX EURO II
  • Suzuki Mehran VXR EURO II

Suzuki Mehran 2012 interior is adorned with new seat fabric, new door trim and new seat covers. Color matching of interior is also impressive. New Suzuki Mehran Exterior is also improved and enhanced with new wheel covers, new stylish back and front bumper and multi reflector headlamps. Available in five colors New Suzuki Mehran 2012 model comes with factory fitted CNG kit with greater fuel efficiency (fuel consumption is low) and economy. Placement of gas cylinder is also impressive. New Suzuki Mehran VXR is leading variant of Suzuki Mehran. Difference between Suzuki Mehran VXR and Suzuki Mehran VX is of air conditioner.

  • Suzuki Mehran VX EURO II price in Pakistan: Rs. 575,000 PKR
  • Suzuki Mehran VXR EURO II price in Pakistan: Rs. 632,000 PKR

All prices are updated on 10 October 2012.

Suzuki Mehran Euro II

Suzuki Mehran 2012 Wallpapers & Pictures