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June 26, 2017

What are the Eco-Warrior Drones & its Importance for Wildlife

Eco-Warrior Drones

One of the biggest challenges environmental conservation organizations face today is monitoring large swathes of land where endangered species are at risk from a lethal combination of deforestation, poaching and illegal development. This problem is particularly acute when the protected landscape itself is largely inaccessible, with it often taking conservationists days to trek through areas to monitor a particular area or species. The rise of UAVs, however, is radically transforming the process of environmental monitoring, with small-scale, low-cost drones capable of being deployed over vast areas of rainforests and savannas and reporting back in a fraction of the time it would take a ground team to do so.

Eco Warrior Drones picture

Eco Warrior Drones image here.

From skimming over Indonesia’s jungle canopy photographing orangutans, through to deterring rhino poachers in Nepal and on to studying elephants in Malaysia, UAVs are ushering in a new era of drone ecology, where even cash-strapped charities and environmental organizations can benefit. Indeed, the current rise of UAV technology means that small operational drones can be bought and assembled for a couple of thousand of dollars, rather than the hundreds of thousands it would take to pilot, fuel and operate a manned aircraft. As a quick case study, the use of drones in South Africa, where rhino poaching has been a serious issue for decades, has seen a marked decline in the illegal activity since they were deployed.

Driverless Cars | Latest News about Technology & Features

Connecting Cars

Connected cars were big news at this year’s CeBIT tradeshow, with driverless cars and products to communicate with the vehicles’ onboard computers on display. But cooler apps are needed for the sector to take off. The first step on the connected car journey is getting cars hooked up to the internet. While manufacturers have begun integrating 4G mobile broadband, it will take a long time before the majority of cars have Integrated mobile-broadband connections.

For people who can’t or don’t want to use their smart phone as a hotspot, Vodafone Germany has launched an LTE/Wi-Fi hotspot powered by a car’s cigarette lighter. The operator has begun testing in Berlin, where selected taxi drivers are using the product.

Gathering information

At CeBIT, Deutsche Telekom presented a retrofit kit for cars that transmits vehicle status information to the driver’s smart phone as well as to their car dealer. An adaptor is plugged into the onboard diagnostics system to access data such as mileage, battery voltage and brake status, which is then sent via Bluetooth to an app on the driver’s smart phone.

picture of driverless car

The app also sends the data to servers hosted by Deutsche Telekom, which analyses the info and transmits relevant results to dealers. They can, in turn, use the app’s message function to send tailored offerings. It isn’t just big car manufacturers and telecom operators that are interesting in this burgeoning sector. German Augmentation Industries participated in the Code_n startup contest at Cebit, where the company showed its Mobile Assisted Driving (MAD) system, which aims to take advantage of data from onboard computers.

The company has also developed a unit that can be plugged into the onboard diagnostics system to collect information. The information is sent to a back-end system or an app on a smart phone, CEO and founder Alexander Marten said.

The system would be a good fit for fleet management, used by leasing companies and logistics companies to keep track of cars. For the ordinary car owner it becomes easier to keep track of the car’s status, thanks to the app’s ability to translate complex error codes into something that’s easy to understand. Next year Augmentation Industries aims to add the ability to make eCalls, which are intended to bring rapid help to cars anywhere in the EU following an accident. The system comprises open APIs and an SDK that will allow developers to use data from the car in their apps. Just like popular apps have helped sell hundreds of millions of smart phones, Marten hopes developers will do the same for connected cars. The product will ship in June, with the companion app available for iOS and Android. In time a 3G version will also be available.

Driverless cars

These days every tradeshow needs a demonstration of a driverless car. At the CeBIT opening ceremony, Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn demonstrated a prototype dubbed James 2025. The demonstration showed how the driver can take part in a video conference while traveling on a smart highway. The driver hands over control to the car by simultaneously pushing two buttons on the steering wheel. Getting driverless cars on the road is a big technical and marketing challenge.

A new survey commissioned by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in the reveals that 56 percent of those polled don’t want to relinquish the controls of their car; just 20 percent said they would. The survey found that older people were the most sceptical – only 13 percent of 55- to 64-year-olds backed the idea of driverless cars, compared to 31 percent of people aged 25- to 34 years old. Manufacturers must also convince car buyers that they and their partners won’t invade customer privacy. Winterkorn expressed his concerns, saying that manufacturers need to be as responsible about the use of personal data as they are about driver- and passenger safety. Winterkorn called for self-regulation based on common standards on data privacy used by all manufacturers.

Courtesy of PC Advisor

PTCL’s Deal with AIOU regarding Cloud Computing

PTCL inks Cloud Computing Agreement with AIOU
Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, the largest Information Communication Technology service provider in Pakistan, has inked an agreement for providing Cloud Computing Services to Allama Iqbal Open University under the umbrella of Cloud Computing Services.
PTCL shall be offering the web space, email, and unified collaboration services bundled with EVO access for the students, teachers and managemtn of AIOU. The service shall benefit more than 1.3 million students of AIOU, enrolled in various courses from across Pakistan. AIOU enrolls more thatn 700000 students every six months and an equal number passes out each semester. The signing ceremony was witnessed by Dr. Nazir A Sangi, VC AIOU and samer Ajjawi, Advisory Team Mumber Business Development Etisalat.

The agreement was signed by Zahid Mahmood, PTCL GM Corporate sales North and Muhammad Bashir AIOU Registrar. Tariq Salman PTCL Chief Technical Officer said at the occasion, PTCL business solutions are designed to enable growth and diversity Taleemi Cloud is a unique product which provides end-to-end data and solution integration and access for remote learning. The service is geared towards filling the void in this underserved segment, and shall provide increased education opportunities in Pakistan.

Discovery of Fresh Water Sources in Universe

Water is source of life and it is the presence of water which makes the Earth suitable for all forms of life. There is no fresh water in other known stars and planets which is the only reason why there is no life. So far man is unable to find or trace hint of water in other planets. According to one recent study there scientist found that there is huge amount of fresh water in the universe.
The amount of water is mind blowing as it is about 100,000 time the mass of our sun and about 140 trillion times the size of all the oceans of the earth. This massive amount of fresh water is feeding huge black hole known as quasar. Quasars are luminous objects that feed on surrounding dust and gases and emits huge amount of carbon. Two international teams of astronomers are currently working at the California Institute of Technology and according to them the distance between the Earth and these fresh water sources is about 12 billion light years.

Fresh Water in Universe

What is Graphene?, Uses of Graphene Wonder Material

Graphene the Wonder Material Review/What is Graphene?
Graphene is a wonderful material which is an allotrope of carbon. The structure of Graphene is one-atom thick planar sheets of sp-bonded carbon atoms that are densely packed in a honeycomb crystal lattice. So if you are simply looking for the answer of question ‘what is Graphene?’ the simple answer is, it is an allotrope of carbon.
Graphene was discovered in 2004 by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov who were awarded with Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 for their discovery. Layer of Graphene is thin that if three million sheets of Graphene are stacked one on top of the other, they would have thickness of only one millimeter.

Graphene the Wonder MaterialGraphene Uses and Benefits
This material can do wonders in the world of science. Already this material is used in transistors, capacitors, batteries and computer chips. Some other applications of Graphene or its uses are given below;

  • Graphene Nanoribbons
  • Graphene Transistor,
  • Integrated Circuts
  • Solar cells
  • Ultracapacitors
  • Graphene Biodevices
  • Anit-bacterial use of Graphene

Mind Reading Computers which can Prevent Traffic Accidents

Mind Reading Computers to prevent traffic accidents
Researchers in Berlin Institute of Technology have developed that can read human thoughts and responds in cases of emergency. It can prevent serious road accident due to its quick respond. Most of the traffic accidents occur due to delay of fraction of second. The reason is that human reaction time is not fast enough to respond quickly to the emergencies. This device is in shape of cap with two small electrodes attached with it and they provide faster responses by using EEG (electro-encephalographic) signals from brain. Other part of device is to attack with leg of driver to detect the muscle tension in lower leg. Overall this system will greatly helps to reduce the car accidents.

Mind Reading Computers

HosterPK is the Best Web Hosting Provider in Pakistan

So you are looking to host your website on a reliable web hosting provider Pakistan. The thing to bear in mind is that web hosting is a global service, so it is not dependent on any country or city for that matter. It all depends on your preferences and comfort level you have on a certain hosting service provider. However most Pakistanis choose to buy web hosting from a Pakistani hosting companies due to payment, language and support related issues. But the problem with most of Pakistani web hosting companies is that a lot of these companies do not provide all the essential features required to run your website smoothly. Following are some factors that your hosting company must meet:

1. Should meet your sites technology requirements e.g. support both asp.net and php technologies (Should provide Linux and Windows servers support).

2. Should have technical staff for support in case you face problems.

3. Should have affordable packages to meet your space / bandwidth requirements.

4. Servers should be reliable and consistently deliver offer 99.9% up time.

To ascertain if the host provides all of above services you will need contact the hosting company and ask for a trial first before buying package. In the trial period you can check all of their support, services and server reliability.
Now that you know the basics, it’s time to hit the search button. Just type in google ‘web hosting Pakistan’ and choose a hosting company that meets your requirements.

Block Unwanted Websites from Google Search Results, New Features of Google for Better Search

Google is providing more and more features to its users. Recently Google announced a feature through which you can block any unwanted website from your web search. Last month Google launched a Chrome extension with website block features from search results but now it is official feature and available world-wide.
All you have to do is to login into your Google account and search on google and if you want to block some low quality websites from your search you can block through an option. Once blocked results from that particular website will not appear in your search again. You can unblock it through your google account later or manage it as you like.

This new features of google to block unwanted results is very important because with this user experience google can rank website better. Although google says that so far they don’t have plane to rank websites according to user experience but in future they can use it for better ranking of website.
For example if your website contain low quality material but some how you manage to be on top ranking in google results, now if people block your website from their search google may take notice of this and decrease your search ranking. This block search results will surely change the ranking in near future.

Largest EMail Service Provider in the World, Top and Best Web Mail Services, Number of Email Users

Do you know which e-mail service is best in the world and which one has leading number of email accounts? Gmail is the largest webmail service of the internet world with more than 38 % users worldwide. Gmail webmail service has largest numbers of users worldwide. The growth of Gmail is associated with the growth of Google and during previous 3 years it surpassed the Yahoo mail as world’s leading e-mail service.

Today the Yahoo email service is the world’s thired largest web mail service and it has 22 % of all internet email accounts. Yahoo was the leading web mail service and rule the industry for many years but Google and Gmail are now the world leaders in web mail services.
Windows Live mail is the second largest web mail service with almost 23 % of all users worldwide. Hence Gmail, Windows Live Mail and Yahoo accounts for 83 % of all internet users worldwide. Other services includes AOL Mail, GMX etc which accounts for remaining 17% of webmail users worldwide.

Google Declare War on Content Farms, New Policy against Content Farming

Google has announced a major algorithmic change to its search engine, subtle in nature and perhaps unnoticeable to many users, but one that should dramatically improve the quality of Google’s search results.With this move, Google is targeting content farms – a common name for low quality sites whose main goal is to attract search traffic by piling up (mostly) useless content, usually by either producing large amounts of low-quality text or by copying it from websites with original content.

Google does not go into details of the change which should impact 11.8% of Google’s queries (currently only in the US, with plans to roll it out elsewhere over time), but it does say that it will affect the ranking of many sites on the web.“This update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites—sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful. At the same time, it will provide better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on,” explain Googlers Amit Singhal and Matt Cutts in a blog post.While the change will surely have many website owners up in arms, complaining that their website was unfairly ranked lower than before (we’re sure that in some cases they will be right), it’s a very welcome one.The popularity of Google’s search engine is still second to none, but Google has been plagued by black hat SEO practices and content farms for a while now, with the complaints from users slowly mounting over time. If Google manages to put an end to content farms or at least significantly reduce their influence in search results, it will be an important step in regaining the trust of its millions of users. So it is good news that Google declare war against content farms and this new policy of google against content farming is good new for hard working bloggers . Source