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July 23, 2017

Chitral Valley Pakistan | Travel Guide, Pictures & Tourism Info

Sulphur springs, orchard-dotted slopes, rivers full with trout and the rugged mountains of Chitral valley make it fascinating and grandeur. The majority people of Chitral valley are Muslims while non- Muslim minority is also present there who are known as “Kafir Kalash.” Pashtu language is spoken in Chitral while Chitrali people also understand urdu.
Tourist Season:
Ideal season for visiting this awesome valley is from June to September.
Winters of Chitral valley are extremely cold while summer season is pleasant one.
Sports to Enjoy/Activities for Tourists:
Chitral is well-known for its “Polo Tournaments” that held from April to July and from September to October. The most played game there is “soccer.” Shandur Polo Tournament is held at highest Polo ground of the world.
Points to Visit/ Main attractions:
Shahi Masjid against the background of Trichmir peak is worth watching. You can also explore the fascinating bazaars of this inspiring valley that are famous for their handicraft treasures.
Access to Chitral valley:
Chitral valley can be accessed by air from the city of Peshawar.

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