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June 23, 2017

Dell XPS 17 Laptop Review, Specs, Price in India

Dell XPS 17 is latest and amazing media center laptop. Media center laptops tend to leave other laptops in the dust in term of performance and the XPS 17 is top media center laptop in the market. Dell XPS 17 is better in every aspect from its predecessor DELL XPS 15. Dell XPS 17 Laptop price in india is Rs. 49000.
It runs on an Intel Core i7-7400QM a quad-core processor bred to pulverize the most complex and demanding software leads. Dell XPS 17 has powerful Nvidia GeFore GTS 445M graphics which gives it unparallel 3D power. But there is one problem with DELL XPS 17, that is it generates massive heat due to heavy processor and graphic card. Heat can reach up to 115 degrees if your hand happens to be next to the vent. This is also best gaming laptop in the world.
Dell XPS 17 has bigger 17-inch screen and much better processing capabilities. Overall it is amazing laptop but with drawback of its intense heat generation.

Dell XPS 17 Pictures
Pros/Benefits of Dell XPS 17

  • One of the fastest laptops available
  • Massive graphics power
  • First HD webcam on laptop
  • Excellent keyboard
  • Backlit option
  • Soft mouse buttons
  • BHDMI and display port
  • Long list of processor options

Cons/disadvantages of Dell XPS 17

  • Heat is an unfortunate side effect of the graphic chip
  • No 1080p resolution

Specs/Specifications of Dell XPS 17

  • Intel Core i7-7740QM quad-core processor
  • 17 inch screen
  • Nvidia GeForce GTS 445M

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Dell XPS 17 Video Review

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