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July 27, 2017

Dirt 3 Game Release Date, Review, Preview, Trailer

If you are fan of road racing games then get ready for Dirt 3. This acclaimed off-road racing game is the third in series. Dirt 3 release date is 24 May 2011. Dirt 3 is one exciting game developed and published by celebrity company Codemasters. Game provides you more cars, more tracks, more routes and more locations than any other games. There are 50 rally cars in Dirt 3 which represent cars of last five decades. Dirt 3 will be launched on PS3 and X360 simultaneously. Rating for Dirt 3 is T plus which means it is for teen age and matures.
Dirt 3 Game PosterDirt 3 Release Date: 24 May 2011
Dirt 3 Publisher: Codemasters
Dirt 3 Developer: Codemasters
Dirt 3 Platforms: PS3, X360
Dirt 3 Genre: Racing

Dirt 3 Trailer


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