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July 27, 2017

Discovery of Fresh Water Sources in Universe

Water is source of life and it is the presence of water which makes the Earth suitable for all forms of life. There is no fresh water in other known stars and planets which is the only reason why there is no life. So far man is unable to find or trace hint of water in other planets. According to one recent study there scientist found that there is huge amount of fresh water in the universe.
The amount of water is mind blowing as it is about 100,000 time the mass of our sun and about 140 trillion times the size of all the oceans of the earth. This massive amount of fresh water is feeding huge black hole known as quasar. Quasars are luminous objects that feed on surrounding dust and gases and emits huge amount of carbon. Two international teams of astronomers are currently working at the California Institute of Technology and according to them the distance between the Earth and these fresh water sources is about 12 billion light years.

Fresh Water in Universe

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