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July 23, 2017

Ford C Max 2012 Wallpapers | Pictures of Interior & Exterior

Ford C Max 2012 is hatchback stylish car. Basically Ford C-Max is seven seater mini-van type of car and Ford designed it while keeping in mind the future needs of small cars with more space. This compact hatchback car was originally designed for European market but it will also be released in North America at the end of 2011. Wallpapers of Ford C Max 2012 are given below. You can completely understand the concept as there are pictures of its interior, exterior and other parts are given below. Ford C Max 2012 wallpaper given below are selected to enlighten you about this car.

Ford C Max 2012 Pictures Gallery


  1. Ford C-Max is basically a 7-seat vehicle specially designed to meet the needs and tastes of European market, and now it is coming out as a 5-seat compact vehicle for the North American market.

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