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July 28, 2017

Future of Robotics in Military, Medicine:Robots are Coming

First decade of 21st century belongs to the growth in internet and other communication technologies but second decade belongs to the growth of robots or Rise of Robots. The robots are coming. The rise of mechanized army that will revolutionize private and public life is on the horizon. According to one scientist robots will increasingly dominate everything from the way we fight wars to our work lives and even the way we organize our kitchens.
Every aspect of our life is dominated by automatic robots. Military technology and infrastructure tend to be quickly absorbed into everyday life and robots are already spreading their tentacles. Future of Robotics in Military is very important.
Future of robotics in industry and future of robotics in medicine is also off great important. Now lets look at some fields which are using robots and robots influence increasing with rapid pace;

  • Robots may soon carry out building work. A system called contour crafting is developed b University of South Carolina that allows machines to construct by computers.
  • In South Korea robots assist teachers in language classes, repeating words and phrases over and over and assessing how well they are parroted back.
  • Google is working on robots that drive cars.

Although there are many advantages of robots but there are some disadvantages of robots. On major consequence  or disadvantage of this rise in robotics field will be unemployment. “we are in transition. It is similar to when we mechanized agriculture. After that we went through a period of high unemployment as people transitioned to new kinds of jobs. People learned to do other things”.
One thing is sure that rise of robots is inevitable and in next one or two decades it is possible to see robots fighting wars in battle fields instead of human soldiers. Although there are many benefits of robots but we can not ignore the negative points and drawbacks attached with this new trend. Robots can easily be used to fulfill the evil designs of some negative minded people and nations. In coming decade the role of robots in society will be very important and age of robots is coming.

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