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July 23, 2017

Garam Chashma Chitral Pakistan | Pictures, Info & Travel Guide

It is located at an elevation of 1859 meters. Boiling Sulphur springs of Garam Chashma are well-known for their healing effect for diseases such as gout, chronic headaches, rheumatism and skin diseases. Human baths have been constructed near the springs for tourist people.
Points to Visit/ Main attractions:
Birmoghalasht palace of this place is worth-watching. It offers you an awesome view of panoramic vistas of valleys below and Trichmir.
Sports to Enjoy/Activities for visitors:
This place is full of a lot of attractions for tourists which include hiking, mountaineering, trekking, fishing, camping and shooting. Flora and fauna are also found here. The valley is enriched with apricots, pears, pomegranate, melons, grapes, apples and mulberries. Shooting of snow-leopard, musk deer and Murgh Zarreen is banned here. Limited shooting is allowed in this valley. Lotkuh river is abounds in trout fishes but for fishing permits are required which are issued by Fisheries Department.
What to Shop:
Chitral is well-known for its soft hand-woven woolen cloth which is called as “Shu.”
Access to Garam Chashma:
Daily flights are being operated by PIA between Chitral and Peshawar. The flying time is almost 50 minutes. It is also access able by road.

15 hours by jeep 250 km.
Gilgit-Chitral 406km. (155 miles) from Gilgit to
(252 miles) Shandur + 5 hours on horse- back or on foot.

Peshawar-Chitral 3651/4 km. By jeep-12 hours.
(via Malakand-Director- (227 miles)
Lowari Pass)

40 ¼ km.(25 miles) from Shandur to Mastuj+7 hours
by jeep 116 km (72 miiles
from Mastuj to Chitral.

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