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June 26, 2017

Google Maps vs Bing Maps, comparison and features

Google and Bing are the top search engines in world of internet. Although without any doubt Google is number one search engine and Google Maps are best mapping feature but Bing Maps are also making their impression. Following is the comparison between Google Maps and Bing Maps or we can say Google vs Bing.

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Easy Usage/Ease of Use

Both Google Maps and Bing Maps are flexible enough to perform all manner of mapping searches, from postcodes to precise geographic co-ordinates. However, for getting directions and finding nearby facilities, Google Maps is the better option. The problem with Bing is that the interface’s design doesn’t clearly distinguish between the different areas of the page or group its options sensibly: some controls are in the bottom-left of the page, others in the middle or above the map itself.

To be fair, Google Maps is far from perfect on this score – sometimes displaying nothing but a drop-down menu when there’s an acre of white space floating below – but the links, controls and icons are generally easier to pick out, so Google wins this first round. Hence in this respect Google Maps are better than Bing Maps.

Comparison of features between Google Maps and Bing Maps
In terms of basic cartography, there’s not a lot between the two services. Bing Maps offers a broader variety of map types and employs more intelligence in applying them. When displaying London, a colourful A-Z-style street map is used; for countryside excursions, you can view Ordnance Survey maps. Its Bird’s Eye view provides a raised-level perspective as captured by low-flying aircraft, so you can ‘fly’ around buildings and scenery.
Bing’s transitions between the various view types are handled more smoothly than with Google Maps, yet the latter trumps all this with Street View. Drag the little orange
pegman onto the map and where roads or locations turn blue, you get eye-level panoramic photography. This includes almost all UK roads and many other countries and cities. Bing Maps is testing a similar service, called Street side (www.microsoft.com/maps/ streetside.aspx), but this remains in beta and has only a fraction of the imagery that’s available in Street View. Hence Google Maps are again better than Bing Maps.

Presentation of Google Maps and Bing Maps
Bing Maps is consistently more attractive than Google Maps, with the latter exhibiting the search giant’s minimal, if familiar and functional, interface. Bing’s ‘What’s new?’ panel, for instance, brightens up the homepage no end. But being consistently more attractive does not equate to a consistent interface. And here, despite a recent overhaul, Bing Maps falls down. The mix of drop-downs, buttons and links is just confusing, with the compass dial being particularly hard to pick out from the background. Indeed, we’d go so far as to say that Bing’s new interface is actually worse than the one it replaced – not a good sign. Hence Bing Maps are better than Google Maps.
Information: Comparison between Google Maps and Bing Maps
Google has access to so much information that it would be strange if its Maps service didn’t secure victory in this round – and so it does. Type a postcode into Google Maps, for example, and you’ll find information layers to show geographically relevant user-submitted photos, worldwide webcams, YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles, properties for sale and even traffic conditions on most major roads around the world. It also offers turn-by-turn navigation for GPS devices.
Save for route directions – where it’s on a par – Bing Maps is sadly lacking: there’s a layer for the London Tube map, which is useful, but traffic information is only available in a few locations. Where possible or relevant, Bing Maps will plot search results on the map (but this is the least we expect from an online map). In short, this round is a hands-down win for Google Maps and Bing Maps has a very long way to go to before it has any chance of catching up. Hence Google Maps are better than Bing Maps.
Extras: Comparison between Google Maps and Bing Maps
As ever with Google, some of the best Google Maps extras are to be found by clicking the little green Labs phial at the top-right of the screen. These include a measuring tool and the ability to navigate maps by popular locations. Google Maps is also widely available for mobile devices. As well as being integrated into Apple iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone, it has an app for BlackBerry, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone handsets.
For its part, Bing Maps is available as a web app for use on most handsets, but this mobile browser-based version of the tool isn’t a patch on Google Maps’ various platform-specific apps. That said, the Bing Maps app for Microsoft’s own Windows Phone platformis very good. To its credit, Bing is adding new features all the time but Google Maps’ current line-up of functions and tools is simply better. Again Google Maps are better than Bing Maps.
Overall we can easily say that Google Maps are much better than Bing Maps in all respect.

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