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June 23, 2017

How to improve the Battery Life of Digital Camera

Digital Camera battery life can be improved considerable by following the below mentioned guidelines. How to improve the battery life and performance of your digital cameras? here is the answer to this question and tips to improve the battery life of your digital camera.

Keep your finger off the shutter button
Every time you press the shutter button h alfway down, your camera goes through various processes – such as focusing the lens and warming up the flash – to prepare for a shot. If you then release the button without taking a picture, you’ve effectively wasted precious energy. Try to keep your finger off the sh utter button until it’s time to capture the photo.

Turn off continuous focus
Continuous focus – wh ich lets you keep your camera trained on a moving object– is a useful feature for capturing action sh ots  – but it also drains your battery. Go into your camera’s settings menu to turn off continuous focus and switcht o single focus instead.
Wait to delete photos Although it’s always tempting to review and delete shots wh ile on the go, th is consumes battery power you could be using to capture new ph otos. Wait until you’ve connected your camera to your PC to delete unwanted images. If you find yourself running out of space, invest in a largercapacity memory card – you can buy an 8GB SanDisk SDHC card from Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) for less than a tenner.
IPOD Create playlists
It might sound obvious but skipping back and fortht o find specific songs on your iPod, and browsing through long menus of artists and albums, can put a real strain on your battery. Conserve power by creating playlists of your favourite songs in iTunes (www.apple .com/uk/itunes) and syncing your iPod withy our PC. You can also generate smart playlists that group tracks according to their artist, album, year, genre, rating, composer or other criteria. Just go to File, New Smart Playlist to compile one.

Turn off the equaliser
Because your iPod’s equaliser functions need to adjust the sound for each individual track you play, they can eat up considerable battery power while you’re on th e move. Unless you really need to apply Bass Booster or ‘Rock mode’ to your music, turn off the equaliser by going to Settings, EQ and selecting Off.
Cut the backlight
As with phones and laptops, turning off your iPod’s backlight will substantially improve your battery life. On an older iPod, go to Settings, Backligh t Timer and ch oose Off. On an iPod Touch, go to Settings, General. Alternatively, you can dim the backlight by going to Settings, Brightness and choosing the minimum brightness setting.

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