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July 28, 2017

How to Improve the Battery Life of Laptop

Common question asked by many persons, how to improve laptop battery performance? or how to improve laptop battery life? or how to improve laptop battery health? you can extend laptop battery life by acting upon the following tips. These are the tips through which you can increase your laptop battery life. Now don’t worry and just read the following tips and prolong laptop battery life.

Reduce your screen brightness
Most laptop displays are far brighter than they need to be and cause a bigger drain on your battery than anything else. Typically, the way to dim your screen is to hold down the Fn k ey in the bottom-left corner of your keyboard and use the down-arrow k ey to decrease the brightness. Press the up-arrow k ey to increase it again.
Adjust your power scheme
You can maximise your battery life by turning off your screen and hard disk when they’re not in use. Right-click the battery icon in your System Tray and choose Adjust Power Properties to open the Power Options Properties box. On the Power Schemes tab, use the drop-down menus in the ‘Running on batteries’ column to select how long to wait before putting your monitor and hard disk into standby.

Play downloads instead of discs
If you like to listen to music andwatch movies wh ile on the move, you should play audio and video files that you’ve ripped or downloaded to your hard disk rather than CDs and DVDs. Optical drives consume more power and may use up your battery before you reach the end of th e album or film.

Use Hibernate not standby
If you’re not going to be using your laptop for a while, put it into Hibernate mode rather than standby. This completely shuts down your h ard disk so th at it won’t use any power at all. To activate this function, open the Power Options Properties box, click th e Hibernate tab and select ‘Enable hibernation’.
So now you can extend the battery life of your laptop by acting upon the above discussed tips.

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