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June 23, 2017

How to Improve the Battery Life of Mobile Phone

One common question of many people is how to improve mobile battery life? or how to extend mobile battery life? or how to increase mobile battery life? Mobile phone battery life can be increased by doing some precautions. Here are the tips to improve battery life of mobile phones.

Only use 3G and Wi-Fi when necessary
Wi-Fi and 3G let you browse the web and download data quickly but they’re likely to run down your handset’s battery in a few hours if left on constantly. Turning one or both of these off in your phone settings until you need them could double your battery life. To turn off Wi-Fi and 3G on an iPhone, go to Settings and set Wi-Fi to Off, then go to General, Network and set the Enable 3G slider to Off. On an Android device, go into Settings, Wireless & Networks (or similar) and turn off Wi-Fi and 3G from there.
Bluetooth is another big power drain so disable that, too, when not in use. If you’re in a low- or no-coverage area, you can use your phone’s Airplane Mode to cut all your connections instantly, although you won’t be able to make or receive calls.

Sync data less frequently
Certain mobile apps – particularly those for email and social networking – regularly (or even constantly) checkf or new data, which can significantly sap your phone’s power. Try changing how frequently these apps sync with their servers. For the Mail app on an iPhone, for example, go to Settings, press the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option, then go to Fetch New Data and tap either Hourly or Manually. On an HTC Android phone, go to Settings, Accounts & sync, turn off the ‘Background data’ option and set the sync frequency for your individual accounts.
Adjust your backlight
The brighter your phone’s backlight, the more power it consumes. Play around with the brightness settings to dim your screen while maintaining readability. The iPhone also has an Auto-Brightness option that adjusts the backlight according to your current lighting conditions. Go to Settings, Brightness and set Auto Brightness to On.15 ways you can significantly improve ther devices
Shut down third-party apps
Apps that continue to run in the background when you’ve finished with them are big battery hogs, especially on Android devices. Fortunately, you can shut down all background apps in one go using tools such as Advanced TaskK iller and Battery Saver, which are both available for free from Android Market (www. android.com/ market).

By acting on the above mentioned tips you can improve the battery life of your mobile phone and especially smart phones life iphone 4. So extend your battery life and enjoy increased battery time of your mobile phone.

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