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July 27, 2017

I Am Alive Game Release Date & Trailer

I Am Alive is the upcoming action game which will be released on 31 December 2011. Plot of game is so interesting that I put this game on top of my watch list. I can’t wait to play this amazing game which is developed and published by Ubisoft (Ubisoft Shangai is the developer and Darkwork is the co-developer of game). I Am Alive will be launched on PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 and PC. No need to say that graphics and environment of game is fantastic because Ubisoft is known for its mind blowing gameplay and stunning graphical environments. This game is one of the most anticipated upcoming games of the year.

I Am Alive GameStory of I Am Alive is simply wonderful. You are an ordinary citizen of Chicago but a gigantic earthquake destroys the city. There is no rescue and you have to live in hostile environment where only might is right. Dangerous groups of criminals are destroying everyone and your only hope is to setup a refugee camp and attract the rescue’s attention. You have to survive for seven days in the ruins of city until help arrives but it is not an easy task to survive there. In this horrible social disorder water is like gold and you have to collect precious resources like water and food not for yourself but also for the other survivors. So rescue others, protect others, kill bad guys, ambush or steal to build your refugee headquarter but first of all SURVIVE.

I Am Alive Release Date: 31 December 2011
I Am Alive Genre: Action
I Am Alive Publisher: Ubisoft
I Am Alive Developer: Ubisoft Shanghai
I Am Alive Platform: PS3, XBOX 360

I Am Alive Trailer/Gameplay

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