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July 27, 2017

Infamous 2 Game Review & Infamous 2 Release Date

Infamous 2 is an amazing action packed game developed by Sucker Punch. Publisher of Infamous 2 is the famous Sony Computer Entertainment. Infamous 2 release date is 7 June 2011. This third person action game will be launched exclusively on PlayStation 3. The game is not for children because it contains sexual themes, use of alcohol, violence, blood and drug reference.
The game is about Empire City where a new evil known as The Beast is on path to destroy human kind. Cole is the hero who escaped the Empire City but The Beast is destroying everything in its path. Now mission of Cole is to stop this evil and heads to New Marais in search of scientist who holds the key to stop the evil. With passage of time Cole learn and acquire new power which he uses to stop The Beast and save the mankind.

Infamous 2 Game

  • Infamous 2 Release Date: 7 June 2011
  • Infamous 2 Publishers: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Infamous 2 Developers: Sucker Punch
  • Infamous 2 Genre: Third-person action
  • Infamous 2 price: $60


  1. Thanks for the overview, I have heard similar
    issues about the game and wull likely be testing it for myself during the next week.

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