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June 23, 2017

Intel Core i3 i5 i7 Processor Review, Features, Comparison, Differences, Performance

Intel Core i3 Processor Review

A computer with an Intel Core i3 is perfect for anyone who regularly has several basic programs open in his taskbar. The Core i3 line offers 4-way processing, which means that it can work on four different tasks at the same time. For instance, a PC with a Core i3 processor could run a Web browser, media player, email client, and a spreadsheet application without skipping a beat. Core i3 processors also come with Intel HD Graphics to give you the ability to watch HD video on your PC. Some notebooks with an Intel Core i3 (or Core i5) also feature Intel’s Wireless Display technology that lets you stream media from your notebook to an HDTV wirelessly.
According to Intel Core i3 processor review it is Perfect For: Anyone who values price and performance but doesn’t want to sacrifice the ability to work with several applications at one time.

Intel Core i5 Processor Review

Notebooks and desktop PCs with a Core i5 processor are capable of 4-way processing and also include Intel’s Turbo Boost Technology. Turbo Boost allows the Intel processor to detect when the software on your PC is a single-threaded application, at which point the clock speed will automatically increase, giving your PC extra performance to tackle jobs faster. Turbo Boost is great for people who edit video, audio, or photos because the PC’s ability to perform the demanding tasks is improved. Other common situations where Turbo Boost can be beneficial include streaming TV shows or movies, playing a casual video game, creating presentations, or video chatting.
According to Intel Core i5 Processor review it is Perfect For: Those who need a computer that can handle multitasking with basic applications and demanding programs with a speedy response.

Intel Core i7 Processor Review
Intel’s Core i7 processors deliver the pinnacle in performance. The Core i7 offers 8-way multitask processing, which lets PCs fly through using multiple basic programs. Core i7 systems also benefit from Intel Turbo Boost Technology when your PC needs the additional speed. The extra power found in the Core i7 can handle jobs that would be challenging for most PCs, such as editing HD footage, and get them done in less time, so you won’t be waiting on your PC to respond. Intel’s Core i7 processors are also ideal for gamers because they can play games at the best performance settings for a more realistic experience.
According to Intel Core i7 Processor Review it is Perfect For: Individuals who perform a wide variety of computing tasks and want the fastest technology available to get the job done.

In above lines we make comparison between Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. Intel Core i3 i5 i7 performance comparison and core i3 i5 i7 differences are explained. Now it is easy for you to select the processor of your choice and needs.

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