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July 28, 2017

Kalash Valley Pakistan | Tourism, Tourists Information & Pictures

Kalash Valley Pakistan
It is situated at an elevation of 1670-2309 meters in Chitral region of Pakistan. This beautiful valley consist of three small valleys that are Rambur, Brir and Bumburet. A lot of lively religious festivals occur here which are named as Chowas(from 21st December and for a week), Chilimjusht(Spring) and Phool(September). The inhabitants of this valley are known as “Kafir Kalash.”
Kalash Valley Tourist Information
The tourists have to get permit first to visit this Kalash Valley. These permits are issued by Deputy Commissioner, Chitral. Foreign visitors also have to pay a toll tax per person that is a small amount.
Access to Valley
It is located at South of Chitral and you can go there through jeep by enjoying a two and a half hour drive.
Sports to Enjoy/Activities for Tourist
Those people who are not used to trekking can visit “Brir valley” that is ideal one for such sort of people. Bumburet is full of scenic beauty and can be an attraction for painting activity.
Total population: ca. 6,000

Kalash Valley Pakistan Pictures


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