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July 27, 2017

Largest EMail Service Provider in the World, Top and Best Web Mail Services, Number of Email Users

Do you know which e-mail service is best in the world and which one has leading number of email accounts? Gmail is the largest webmail service of the internet world with more than 38 % users worldwide. Gmail webmail service has largest numbers of users worldwide. The growth of Gmail is associated with the growth of Google and during previous 3 years it surpassed the Yahoo mail as world’s leading e-mail service.

Today the Yahoo email service is the world’s thired largest web mail service and it has 22 % of all internet email accounts. Yahoo was the leading web mail service and rule the industry for many years but Google and Gmail are now the world leaders in web mail services.
Windows Live mail is the second largest web mail service with almost 23 % of all users worldwide. Hence Gmail, Windows Live Mail and Yahoo accounts for 83 % of all internet users worldwide. Other services includes AOL Mail, GMX etc which accounts for remaining 17% of webmail users worldwide.

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