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July 28, 2017

Metro Last Light Game Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, PS3

Metro Last Light takes you to the future era of 2034 where beneath the post apocalyptic Moscow city you along with other human survivors are fighting for their lives. In deep metro tunnels you have to fight for every minute of your life from the danger on the surface and below surface. There are dangerous skies above and deadly mutants below. You as player are the last hope for human kind.
This first person shooter game will be exclusively launched on PS3, XBOX 360 and PC simultaneously. Publishers of Metro Last Light are THQ and game is developed by A4 Games. Metro Last Light is sequel to 2010’s acclaimed classic Metro 2033. Next generation technology boasts stunning lighting and physics set new graphical heights. You can enjoy this game online because of there is option of warfare online in this game.

Metro Last Light Game

Metro Last Light Release Date: 31 December 2012
Metro Last Light Genre: First Person Shooter Game
Metro Last Light Publisher: THQ
Metro Last Light Developer: A4 Games
Metro Last Light Platforms: PS3, XBOX360, PC

Metro Last Light Trailer/Gameplay/Demo

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