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July 28, 2017

Naran Valley Pakistan | Pictures, Tourism and Travel Guide

At the middle of Kaghan valley, Naran is situated. It is a town that is located in Mansehra district. The main specialty of Naran valley is “River Kunhar”.  This valley is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Starting point of Kaghan valley is “Balakot” and the ending point is “Babusar pass”. You can also enjoy the view of “Nanga Parbat” from top point of this valley that is Babusar pass.
Main Attractions/Points to Visit:
Naran valley is full of awesome and magnificent points which include Babusar pass, lovely meadows and lakes, Lalazar, Battakundi, Lalusar Lake, Saiful Muluk, Malka Parbat, Makra Peak, Lulusar Lake, Dodipatsar Lake, Paya, Sri, Danna Meadows, Sharan, Musa ka Musalla(Prayer Mat of Moses), Ansoo Lake and Malakandi forest. Most of these astonishing points can only be approached through jeep.
Sports to enjoy/Activities for tourists:
You can enjoy fishing, hiking and trekking in Naran Valley. Fishing activity can be done after getting fishing license. The river is full of Mahasheer and Trout fishes.
Access to Naran Valley:
Public transport runs on daily basis between Mansehra and Naran. The facility of air conditioned bus is also there in tourist season that run between Rawalpindi and Naran and is arranged by PTDC. The services of only major mobile companies can be availed there.
Where to stay:
Naran valley is full of hotels, motels and rest houses that range from luxurious ones to low-priced ones. You can also enjoy the tent facility in this amazing valley thus ideal point to stay for adventure loving people.
What to shop:
You can purchase here, the embroided clothes and shawls. Cultural hand-made things of this place are very famous.
Famous Hotels in Naran Valley:

  • Hotel De Manchi | Main road, Naran | Tel: 0997-430301
  • Pine Park Hotel | Saiful Muluk road | Tel: 0997-430045
  • New Cecil Hotel | Main road, Naran | Tel: 0997-430130
  • River View Hotel | Main Road, Naran | Tel: 0997-430100
  • Gateway Hotel | Main Road, Naran | Tel: 0997-430077

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