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July 28, 2017

Bajaj Boxer 125cc Review, Mileage & 2012 Model Price in India

Bajaj Boxer 125cc Motorcycle 2011 Preview, Launch Date & Review
Bajaj Boxer is one of the most famous commuter bikes of India. When it was launched in 1997 it rocked the market due to its durability and performance. Now Bajaj is ready to release New Bajaj Boxer in July 2011. The new version of Bajaj Boxer is expected to come with 125 cc engine instead of outdated Bajaj Boxer with 100 cc engine. Bajaj Boxer was the best selling and most popular product of company and with New Bajaj Boxer they expect to make more success.
Bajaj Boxer 125cc Bike 2011 Engine & Performance
New Bajaj Boxer will come with modern 125 cc engine with improved horsepower and torque. Engine of Bajaj Boxer is famous for its low maintenance costs and superb fuel economy and company promised to make this new engine of Bajaj Boxer much more improved and enhanced then its predecessor.
Bajaj Boxer 125cc Mileage, Fuel Economy & Average
The sole reason why Bajaj Boxer is the most famous and number one choice of lower middle class Indian people, is the best mileage of Bajaj Boxer which makes it prominent among other competitors. New Bajaj Boxer mileage is expected to be about 80 km per liter of petrol which is simply outstanding. Low maintenance costs, low price and best mileage are the features which makes Bajaj Boxer a real attractive package for most of the customers.
Bajaj Boxer 125cc Appearance, Design & Colours
New Bajaj Boxer Bike is expected to come in array of different colours and impressive graphic designs. Brand new Bajaj Boxer will definitely impress you with its aggressive and elegant looks. Out-dated looks of old Bajaj Boxer is one of the main reason why company launched this new bike.
Bajaj Boxer 125cc Motorcycle 2012 Handling, Control & Safety Features
Upcoming Bajaj Boxer offers greater handling and control to the users along with some enhanced safety and security features. Updated suspension system and modern brake system makes it more safe then its predecessor. Driving new Bajaj Boxer will be very pleasant experience for the rider.
Advantages & Disadvantages of New Bajaj Boxer 2012
Big fuel tank, affordable price, impressive mileage and sporty design are some prominent advantages of this bike. Low height, poor wheelbase and fewer features are some problems of Bajaj Boxer.

Bajaj Boxer 125cc Bike price in India Rs. 44,700
Bajaj Boxer 125cc Bike Specs, Specifications, Features

  • Engine Type 4-stroke, Single cylinder, Oil Cooled
  • Displacement 100cc
  • Compression Ratio
  • Maximum Power 7.7bhp, rpm8000
  • Maximum Torque 0.74bhp, rpm6000
  • Cylinder Bore
  • Stoke
  • Ignition
  • Starting self, kick
  • Wheel Base 1225 mm
  • Tyre Size
  • Wheel Type spokes

Bajaj Boxer 125cc Wallpapers


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