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July 23, 2017

Mahindra SYM Flyte 2012 Scooter Review, Wallpapers, Price in India

New Mahindra SYM Flyte 2012 Review
New Mahindra SYM Flyte is appealing for those Indian customers who demand scooters and Scooty. This scooter is loaded with a four stroke engine and is having an option of self and kick start. The Mahindra SYM Flyte is packed with Zapper tyres, four in one anti theft magnetic key, largest wheelbase, front fueling system, impact free rear view mirrors, mobile charger socket, large storage space, impact resistant foldable rear view mirrors, etc. New Mahindra SYM Flyte is easy to handle and control.
New Mahindra SYM Flyte 2012 engine, mileage and performance
New Mahindra SYM Flyte offers a mileage of 40 kmpl in the city with fuel tank capacity of 4.5 liters. New Mahindra SYM Flyte is loaded with front fueling system which allows you to be seated, when refilling the fuel tank. Four stroke engine of this scooter is having a displacement of 125cc. It is having the same engine as that of Mahindra Duro and Mahindra Rodeo. The compact size feature of New Mahindra SYM Flyte makes it easy to drive in crowded area. For the purpose of less emission, New Mahindra SYM Flyte is loaded with secondary air injection system.
Mahindra SYM Flyte 2012 appearance, colors and designs
Mahindra SYM Flyte is available in a lot of different shades which include Lavender Groove, Black Mystique, Jade Charisma, Silver Flash, and Red Oomph. The body color of this scooter is painted at front fender, body panel, mask and front fairing. Rest of the body parts of New Mahindra SYM Flyte are painted with black color. The target of this bike is both boys and girls. New Mahindra SYM Flyte is loaded with an attractive and simple tail light. The seat of this scooter is broad and wide that ensures high comfort level for rider.
New Mahindra SYM Flyte 2012 features and safety
Advanced and latest tyres and wheels are embedded in New Mahindra SYM Flyte . The size of tyre of this scooter is 3.5X10 inch for each tyre. For firmness and stability on road, Mahindra SYM Flyte is loaded with a proper wheelbase. The stability level of any two wheelers depends on the size of its wheel base. Greater the wheelbase, greater will be the stability of the machine.
Mahindra SYM Flyte handling and control
Sound and fine braking system and latest suspension make New Mahindra SYM Flyte the most adorable scooter and also make its handling and control, an easy task. Wide tyres and larger wheelbase feature of this scooter ensures the ultimate balance. The proper size of New Mahindra SYM Flyte helps in crowded traffic.
New Mahindra SYM Flyte problems
The disadvantages of New Mahindra SYM Flyte are still awaited. Keep in contact with us to know about its problems, as soon as they are disclosed.
New Mahindra SYM Flyte price in India is Rs.39,990
New Mahindra SYM Flyte specs, features and specifications

  • Engine Type                      4Stroke SingleCylinder AirCooled
  • Displacement                    124.6cc
  • Compression Ratio
  • Maximum Power                8 Bhp 7000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque                9 Nm @ 5500 rpm
  • Cylinder Bore                    52.4mm
  • Stoke                               57.8mm
  • Ignition                             Electronic Ignition
  • Starting                             Self, Kick
  • Wheel Base                         1260
  • Tyre Size                            Front 3.50-10.4 PR, Rear 3.50-10.4 PR
  • Wheel Type                        ALLOYS

New Mahindra SYM Flyte Wallpapers

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