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July 27, 2017

TVS Rockz 125 2012 Review, Mileage & Price in India

New Tvs Rockz 125 2012 review
TVS is an Indian based Motorcycle manufacturing company. This company has planned to launch a new kind of geared motorcycle. TVS is launching a 125 cc motorcycle Rocks in Indian market.
TVS Rockz is expected to be most advanced motorbike in Indian market. A lot of systems are installed in Tvs Rockz 125 such as anti theft rock, advanced security system, merged music system and engine kill switch. TVs Rockz 125 is powerful, stylish and fuel efficient. The scooter will be available in the market before March 2011.
New Tvs Rockz 125 2012 engine, mileage and performance
The engine type of New Tvs Rockz 125 is 4 stroke, single cylinder and SOHC. The cylinder Bore is 57mm.New Tvs Rockz 125 is packed with very powerful engine. The displacement of engine is 125cc.New Tvs Rockz 125 is expected to deliver impressive mileage, both on highways and inside city. The starting of New Tvs Rockz 125 is both electric and kick.
New Tvs Rockz 125 appearance, colors and designs
A lot of appealing and exciting shades of New Tvs Rockz 125 are available in the market. The shades which are available include black, blue, white and red. Keep in touch with us to know about more colors of  Tvs Rockz 125 2011 available in the market. New Tvs Rockz 125 is very classy and stylish in looks wise. It is simply matchless. This new motorbike is having all those features and attributes which is eye catching one. Halogen powered headlamp are expected to be present in New Tvs Rockz 125 which gives a very sophisticated and extraordinary appealing look. The benefit of halogen powered headlamp is that it offers clear visibility at night. The overall look of New Tvs Rockz 125 is simply impressive and breathtaking.
New Tvs Rockz 125 features and safety
New Tvs Rockz 125 is having all those features that make your ride fun filled and comfortable one. The seat of New Tvs Rockz 125 is very comfortable and offer greater comfort to both the driver and the pillion. The drive of Tvs Rockz becomes more comfortable because of electric start quality of this motorbike. New Tvs Rockz 125 is loaded with a lot of advanced features and technologies. Proper handling and controlling is offered by New Tvs Rockz 125.This bike is having a very sound and dynamic brake system. The front brake present in the New Tvs Rockz 125  is 220 mm two caliper disc brakes and 110 mm drum brake at the rear ensure safety for both the rider and the pillion. New Tvs Rockz 2011 is also good at instant braking.
New Tvs Rockz 125 handling and control
The stylish and classy looking New Tvs Rockz 125 is easy to handle and control. The dynamic suspensions are present in New Tvs Rockz 125 which greatly help in controlling the motorbike. Greater control and stability is ensured by the presence of large wheelbase and big sized tyres. At time of instant braking, New Tvs Rockz 125 shows a very good performance.
New Tvs Rockz 125 problems
Up till now, no problem has been found in New Tvs Rockz 125 .So, the disadvantages of purchasing New Tvs Rockz 125 are still awaited. Stay tuned with reviews66.com to know about the cons of this bike as soon as they are disclosed in the market.

New Tvs Rockz 125 price in India is Rs.50,000

New Tvs Rockz 125 specs, features, specifications:

  • Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, SOHC
  • Displacement 125cc
  • Compression Ratio 9.3:1
  • Maximum Power  9.8 BHP @7.500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque 9.8 Nm @7500 rpm
  • Cylinder Bore  57 mm
  • Stoke  48.8 mm
  • Ignition  digital cdi
  • Starting  Electric, kick
  • Wheel Base  1260mm
  • Tyre Size  Front 2,5 x 17″ – 4PR 38 L, Rear 2,5 x 17″ – 4PR 41 L mm
  • Wheel Type  Alloy

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