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July 23, 2017

Yamaha FZ Review, Wallpapers, FZ8, FZ1, FZ250 Prices in India

Yamaha Fz 2012 Review
Yamaha launched its world famed and most awaited Yamaha Fz in India. This bike comes in two royal colors that are white and black. The use of latest and advanced technology and compact and strong engine make it the most desirable and appealing one. The sporty and stunning looks of this bike create a charismatic effect on the mind of on lookers and bike rider.
Yamaha Fz 2012 engine, mileage and performance
The fuel tank capacity offered by New Yamaha Fz is 18 L with 3.5 L as reserve. This sporty bike provides a mileage of 20 kmpl. New Yamaha Fz is loaded with 998cc, DOHC, 4 stroke, 20 valve, liquid cooled, in line 4 cylinder engine that is powerful enough to deliver maximum power of 150 ps at 11,000 rpm and give maximum torque of 106 NM at 8,000 rpm. Sound fuel injection system is present in the engine that ensures that every drop of fuel is properly used thus making this bike fuel efficient.

Yamaha Fz Models

  • Yamaha FZ 250
  • Yamaha FZ 1
  • Yamaha FZ 8

Yamaha Fz appearance, colors and designs
New Yamaha Fz is available in the market in two appealing shades that include black and white. Yamaha Fz250 is an eye catching and classy bike among its peers. The presence of big sized alloy wheels makes this bike look more robust and sportier. Wide and long seat of New Yamaha Fz ensures comfortable riding experience.
Yamaha Fz features and safety
The aggression of New Yamaha Fz has been enhanced because of the presence of alloy wheels. Broad and big tyres of this bike offer greater security to both rider and pillion. It also controls the huge bike at the time of off roading and reduces the chances of skidding. The dynamic suspension system available in New Yamaha Fz8 offer jerk free ride.
Yamaha Fz handling and control
Yamaha Fz1 provides proper handling and control because of the presence of latest features and technologies. This bike is packed with advanced suspension system that absorb the shocks. The availability of foot pegs and handlebars allow the rider to have greater grip on this huge bike.
Yamaha Fz problems
The disadvantage of Yamaha Fz is its price tag and high maintenance cost.

  • Yamaha Fz price in India is Rs. 150,000 * – Rs. 1,500,000 *
  • Yamaha FZ 250 price in India is Rs.150,000
  • Yamaha FZ 1 price in India is Rs.870,000
  • Yamaha FZ 8 price in India is Rs.1,500,000

New Yamaha Fz250 specs, features, specifications

  • Engine Type                  Air-cooled, DOHC
  • Displacement                            250cc
  • Compression Ratio
  • Maximum Power                           24bhp
  • Maximum Torque
  • Cylinder Bore
  • Stoke
  • Ignition                         Electronic ignition (Transistorized)
  • Starting                                Electric Start
  • Wheel Base
  • Tyre Size
  • Wheel Type                                    Alloy

New Yamaha Fz wallpapers


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