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July 28, 2017

Rage Game Release Date, Preview, Trailer, Review

Rage is upcoming game of id Software developers which will be launched on 13 September 2011. If you are fan of graphics rich games then this game is for you because there is no match as far as the graphics and other details are concerned. Rage will be launched on PS3, Mac, XBOX 360, PC and iPhone simultaneously. This action game is published by Bethesda Softworks.
This revolutionary first-person shooter game takes you the future where earth is devastated by asteroid impact. Now after the impact there is ravaged earth and you emerged as hero who helps those who are working to rebuild the humanity on the earth. You have to fight against the rouges, gangs and the Authority (an oppressive government regime). As a player you have to fight with guns, hands and on vehicles. The game is powered by idTech 5 technology which ensures stunning graphics results and mind-blowing details.
Rage Game PosterRage Release Date: 13 September 2011
Rage Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Rage Developers: id Software
Rage Genre: Action
Rage Platforms: PC, X360, PS3, iPhone, Mac
Rage price: $60

Rage Game Official Teaser Trailer


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