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July 23, 2017

Resident Evil 6 Release Date, Preview & Game Trailer

Resident Evil 6 Preview
There is no other gaming franchise in the history of gaming industry which earned so much success than Resident Evil. Capcom is planning to launch the overwhelming action that has come to define the modern Resident Evil games in shape of Resident Evil 6. Previous version “Resident Evil 5” was best selling in the franchise’s history but this upcoming game is much bigger than its previous part. Resident Evil 6 release date is 2 October 2012.
Gamers will feel the most thrilling experience of Horror action game-playing in this latest version of Resident Evil. In Resident Evil 6 gamers will witness the crushing darkness and accompanying silence which creates formidable horror game playing environment. Capcom has sped up the movement of its characters along with other improvements in the environment and graphics.

Resident Evil 6
Storyline of Resident Evil 6 revolves around Leon S Kennedy and Helena Harper. President of USA is dead and Leon is the man who put the bullet into his head. The zombies and undead are back and Leon shot the USA President because he became one of them. Both Leon and Helena has uphill task before them. They are the only survivors who can unearth the truth but most important task in hand is to protect their own lives.
This game promises yet another dramatic and thrilling experience. For the fist time Resident Evil 6 sees the two most favorite character of series together i.e. Leon and Chris. There are many other new characters with their unique abilities and qualities.
This time horror is not limited to one city or place but it is global this time. C-Virus is spread world-wide and action takes place everywhere from North America to China .
Resident Evil 6 Summary & Synopsis

  • Resident Evil 6 Release Date: 2 October 2012
  • Platforms: XBOX 360, PC
  • Genre: Action/horror
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Rating: For Matures

Resident Evil 6 Trailer/Gameplay

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