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June 26, 2017

Security Guard Robot, Genral dynamic Robotic System

Robots have been previously employed by bomb disposal squads to defuse bombs under remote human control. Now, However, roving robots have been developed by the US military to guard special security sites on their own, without human control, known as the Mobile Detection Assessment Response System, these roving robots move randomly on their own along defined areas.
Build by General Dynamics Robotics Systems of Westminster, Maryland, USA, the robots are in the form of vehicles fitted with various sensors to detect intruders. They have been deployed at the Nevada National Security Site part of the US National Security Site, part of the US National Nuclear Security Administration NNSA to guard nuclear materials and radioactive waste.

This technique is being developed to sniff out explosives or track the characteristic aroma of the perspiration of a terrorist. Similar connections between robots with fish or cockroach brains can be used to track a light source.

This seems to be the description of a scene from a science fiction movie but it is now real. The star wars Robot scenario is fast approaching and the age of cyborgs, half machine and half animal, has dawned. While the oil rich states of the Middle East wallow in luxury living from their temporary oil wealth, the western countries invest heavily in research and development of such technologies to maintain world dominance.

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