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July 27, 2017

Silent Hill Down Pour 8 Game Review, Release Date, Trailer

Silent Hill Downpour is third-person adventure game of famous game publishers Konami. Silent Hill Downpour release date is 25 October 2011. This game will be launched on PS3 and X360 simultaneously. All previous parts of Silent Hill game series are full of horror and thrill and while playing game you can feel a wave of chill in your spin due to amazing gameplay.
Silent Hill Downpour Gameplay, Story, Plot
This eighth part of Silent Hill is coming with improved and thought provoking storyline. You will find yourself in the horrible world of Silent Hill against your deepest sins and fears. Story of Silent Hill Downpour starts with Murphy Pendleton who is the lone survival of an accident. He faces horrible creature and he has to fight with them with whatever objects available around. Stunning gameplay and outstanding graphics makes silent Hill Downpour a really interesting game.

Silent Hill Down Pour 8 Wallpaper

Silent Hill Downpour Release Date: 25 October 2011
Silent Hill Downpour Publisher: Konami
Silent Hill Downpour Developer: Vatra
Silent Hill Downpour Genre: Third-Person Adventure
Silent Hill Downpour Platform: PS3, XBOX 360

Silent Hill Downpour/Silent Hill 8 Official Trailer/Trailer

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