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July 23, 2017

Soul Calibur 5 Game Release Date, Trailer, Review & Gameplay

Soul Calibur 4 was released almost 17 years before and now Soul Cablibur 5 is ready for release. Release Date of Soul Calibur 5 is 31 December 2012. It is a fighting game with lot of players and lot of action. Developed by Project Soul and published by Namco Bandai this game for teen and adults due to scenes of blood and strong languages. It will be exclusively launched on XBOX 360.
There are new heroes and new warriors in this game. Fight is between good and evil and as a player you have to choose your side. The story of Patroktos who is son of Sophitia Alexandra, reveals as his family’s destiny intertwines with soul swords.

Soul Calibur 5 Game

Soul Calibur 5 Release Date: 2012
Soul Calibur 5 Developer: Project Soul
Soul Calibur 5 Publisher: Namco Bandai
Soul Calibur 5 Genre: Fighting
Soul Calibur 5 Platform: XBOX 360

Soul Calibur 5 Trailer/Gameplay/Demo

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