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July 28, 2017

Street Fighter X Tekken Release Date & Game Trailer

Street Fighter x Tekken is the mixture of two all time favorite games i.e. street fighter and Tekken. In this latest game you will fight with classic Street Fighter characters along with some characters of Tekken. Great fighters from these two legendary franchises are coming together for the first time in gaming history. Imagine Rio VS Nina Williams or Kazuya Mishima VS Chun Li, really it will be an amazing fighting game. Street Fighter x Tekken will be released on XBOX 360 and PS3. Release date of game is in 2012. Publisher of this fighting game is Capcom and Namco is co-developer along with Capcom.

Street Fighter x Tekken Game
Looks of some of Tekken Characters may be different but they retain their original moves and characteristics against the ferocious Street Fighters. In this game developer utilizes the same 2D viewpoint and technology that powered Street Fighter 4 but with much improved graphical detail and environment. Following Characters from Tekken are in this game, Bob, Craig Marduk, Hwoarang, Julia Chang, Kazuya Mishima, King, Nina Williams, Steve Fox and Yoshimitsu.
Overall with interesting characters and amazing gameplay Street Fighter x Tekken will rock the gaming market upon its release.

Street Fighter x Tekken Release Date: 2012
Street Fighter x Tekken Genre: Fighting
Street Fighter x Tekken Publisher: Capcom
Street Fighter x Tekken Developer: Capcom

Street Fighter x Tekken Trailer/Gameplay

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