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June 26, 2017

Suzuki Sprinter Eco 110 cc Bike 2012 Review & Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Sprinter Eco Bike Review
Suzuki Sprinter Eco Euro 2 is not only comes in economical price but also is an environment friendly bike. Presence of Polyurethance foam element makes its carbon emissions cleaner then other bikes. Suzuki Sprinter Eco is economical as well as ecological motorcycle. There is slight difference of price and features between Suzuki Sprinter and Suzuki Sprinter Eco.

Suzuki Sprinter Eco Bike 2011 Engine & Mileage
New Suzuki Sprinter Eco blessed with 110 cc, 4 stoke, air cooled engine which is economical as well as ecological. This petrol power engine provides excellent mileage and fuel average. Total fuel tank capacity of Suzuki Sprinter Eco is 10.5 liters.

Suzuki Sprinter Eco Motorcycle 2012 Appearance, Design & Colours
Available in two appealing colours Suzuki Sprinter Eco has stunning looks and design. Headlight style is square and stylish fuel tank makes it prominent among other bikes. Body graphics and attractive stickers also provide it more style.
Suzuki Sprinter Eco Bike Safety, Comfort Features, Handling & Control
Suzuki Sprinter Eco has drum brakes and telescopic coil spring suspension system. Adjustable rear shock absorber and auto decomp kick start system makes driving pleasant experience. Seat of Suzuki Sprinter is comfortable and it makes long travel easy.
Overall Suzuki Sprinter Eco is designed especially while keeping in mind the local Pakistani roads and conditions. Price of Suzuki Sprinter Eco is also very competitive along with low maintenance and fueling costs.

  • Suzuki Sprinter Eco Bike latest price in Pakistan Rs. 72,900 (on 6 March 2012)

Suzuki Sprinter Eco Bike Wallpapers & Pictures


  1. Naeem Javed says:

    AOA bros
    i have suzuki Raider 110cc whch is the latest model of suzuki…..same engine like Sprinter Eco…but the body is sporty look
    its a awsome bike i purchase it a week ago…every night i m in hurry to sleep to get up and drive my new bike…its v v v gr8 to dive v comfrtable and stylish
    i have a miner problem about its milage its giving 35 to 40kmpl
    i think its in running thats y….sombody knows about that kindly help me on this nomi_rbi@yahoo.com….the bargainer was saying its average is 65 to 70kmpl
    i have droven 170km in 5liters polssss help mee

  2. Naeem Javed says:

    any expert from suzuki pls help me what to do 031159119339 nomi_rbi@yahoo.com

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