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July 23, 2017

Takht Bhai Travel Guide & Information | Tourism Spot in Pakistan

In Sanskrit, the meaning of the word Takht-i-bhai is “well on a high surface”. The ruins of this Buddhist monastic complex are located almost 15 km away from “Mardan”, a place in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The nearby area of this place is well-known for sugar cane cultivation.
Points to visit/Main Attractions:
The other historical places that are located in vicinity of Takht-i-bhai include the villages of Charsadda, Takkar, Sher Garh, Lund Khwar and Sehri-Bahlol. The Sehri-Bahlol is located on Malakand road. The famous Pashtu singer “ Sardar Ali Takkar” was born in the village of Takkar.
Activities for Tourists:
This awesome and unique place can attract the attention of archaeologists and antiquities lovers. The people who want to study Buddhist religion should visit this place to get a lot of useful information. In 1980, Takht-i-bhai was listed as UNESCO world heritage site.
Access to Takht-i-Bhai:
Takht-i-Bhai is located in Mardan. It is 80 kilometers away from city of Peshawer.
Takht-i-bhai alternative names:
The other historical or alternative names of “Takht-i-bhai” includes “Takht bhai”, “Takhat bai” etc. The most amazing feature of this historical place is the arrangement and design of small shrines.
Structure of Takht-i-Bhai:
The Takht-i-Bhai complex consists of four areas named as The Stupa court, the monastic chambers, a temple complex and tantric monastic complex. The meaning of word “stupa” is a mound like structure. The pieces of Gandhara sculpture that are present in Europe museums now, were basically recovered from Takht-i-Bhai. This place is full of ancient Buddhist remains.

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