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June 23, 2017

Telenor TalkShawk A1 Package Details: Telenor Pakistan

Telenor talkshawk A1 package – Not just a few millions, talk to all of Pakistan with the most simple and best call rates ever!
Telenor introduces another exciting new prepaid package – Telenor talkshawk A1, with amazing call rates, freedom to recharge through Easyload and a lot more.
All existing Telenor Prepaid customers can convert to Telenor Talkshawk A1 for Rs.10 (inclusive of tax) With IVR Dialing 345661/345662: Rs.0.25 exclusive of Tax Or with SMS Sending “Migrate” to 345: Rs.2/SMS exclusive of tax (Click here to view migration procedure) Balance validity is limited, based on recharge.

Telenor Talkshawk A1 Friends & Family (F&F) Offer:
Telenor to International numbers (USA (L/M), Canada (L/M) and UK (L), China (L/M), Singapore (L/M), Spain (L), Hong Kong (M) only) Friends & Family rate is Rs. 1.5 + tax per min
Telenor to Telenor Friends & Family rate is Rs. 0.7 per minute
Telenor to International Friends & Family rate is Rs. 1.5 per min

Tarif and Package Details

Voice Calls

Telenor to Telenor—————————————————————-Rs. 1 / min
Telenor to Other Mobile Operators——————————————–Rs. 1.4 / min
Telenor to PTCL——————————————————————-Rs. 1.4 / min
Friends & Family (Telenor to Telenor)—————————————-Rs 0.7/min
Friends & Family (International Numbers)———————————–Rs. 1.5/min
Own network———————————————————————–Rs. 1
Other networks——————————————————————–Rs. 1
Free Services
All Incoming Calls
Caller Line Identification (CLI)
Call Waiting
Conference Calling (subscription)
Roaming (anywhere in Pakistan)
Outgoing —————————————————————————Rs. 1.00
Outgoing International———————————————————–Rs. 5.00
MMS, Internet & WAP
MMS-Sending———————————————————————–Rs. 5.00
Internet/WAP Usage
(Upload/Download per MB)——————————————————Rs. 15.00

Internet Bundle
Subscription Method     Dial (*345*901#) to subscribe to Daily Mobile Internet Package
Price     PKR 10 + tax
Volume Limit      3 MB
Validity                  1 day
Charging Pulse     1 kB
Bundle Balance Inquiry    through USSD     Dial *999# Charges: PKR 0.1+Tax
Missed Call Alerts
Subscription           Rs. 30 + tax

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