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July 23, 2017

Tera Game Release Date, Preview, Trailer & Gamplay

Tera is upcoming action game which has feature of MMORPG with non-targeting battle mode. This latest features allows player to target any monster and player no longer has to target certain monster in the game. This feature of Tera greatly enhances the realistic feel of the game. Tera game will only be launched on PC. Release Date of Tera is 6 September 2011. This RPG game is published by En Masse Entertainment and developed by Bluehole Studio. Due to scenes of blood and violence Tera is only for mature and teen. Overall due to presence of MMORPG and impressive graphics detail Tera is an interesting upcoming game.

Tera Game

Tera Release Date: 6 September 2011
Tera Genre: RPG
Tera Publisher: En Masse Entertainment
Tera Developer: Bluehole Studio
Tera Platform: PC

Tera Trailer/Gameplay

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