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July 27, 2017

Twissted Metal Game Release Date, Preview, Trailer, PS3

Twisted Metal is racing game full of destruction and death. In the PlayStation history Twisted Metal is longest running franchise and now it is back of exclusively on PS3. Twisted Metal release date is 4 October 2011. This racing action game is developed by Eat Sleep Play and Published by Sony Computer Entertainment. You can play this game online with 16 other players.
In Twisted Metal a mysterious ring leader known as Calypso organize and rule the tournament known as Twisted Metal. In this tournament each player as vehicle driver must show his skill to destroy other opponents. All vehicles are full of latest weapons and other system. Overall with brilliant gameplay and amazing graphics Twisted Metal is on amazing upcoming game.

Twisted Metal Game

  • Twisted Metal Release Date: 4 October 2011
  • Twisted Genre: Racing Action
  • Twisted Metal Publishers: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Twisted Metal Developers: Eat Sleep Play
  • Twisted Metal Platform: PlayStation 3

Twisted Metal Trailer


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