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June 23, 2017

Wind Stalks Electricity, Power Generation New Technology UAE

Wind power is clean source of energy and due to increasing global warming its importance is increasing along with other cleaner sources of energy. In Masdar city, Abu Dhabi,  UAE, wind stalks are being use instead of wind turbines to generate electricity. This is new idea and in the testing phase.
The wind stalks (wind stalks electricity generation) will be long poles made from carbon fibre and about 180 feet high. They will be about a foot in diameter at the base, and taper to a couple of inches at their upper ends. As they sway in the wind, they will generate electricity since they will be packed with piezo-electric discs that will convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy.
Although efficiency or production of these stalks will be lower than turbines but it is claimed that they will be equal in production. This new method can take wind electricity power/wind electricity generation to new heights.

Main advantage wind of stalks over traditional wind turbines is that there is no noise of these stalks as compared with wind turbines with huge noise. Other benefit of these stalks is that they take much less space and land areas due to their compact size than traditional wind turbines which needs large tracts of land. Another benefit of stalks is that the tips of the stalks will be fitted with visual LED, the brightness of which will indicate the amount of electricity being produced.
This new wind energy technology project is still in its conceptual approval stage but if it become successful it will revolutionized the method of electricity generation from wind.

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