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July 28, 2017

World’s Largest Solar Power Plant in South Africa

The world’s largest solar power plant which will produce five Giga Watts GW of power is being set up at the edge of the Kalahari Desert in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, an area which is amongst the sunniest three per cent of regions in the world.
The plant will start producing one GW of power by 2012 and five GW of power by 2020. The plant will use a combination of concentrating solar mirrors (power towers combined with parabolic and trough mirrors), with photovoltaic technologies.
The world is moving towards the clean energy resources and this is positive. Although this is only small step in right direction but it sets the example for other to follow the same path. Due to burning of fossils fuels we have already polluted our planet and now global warming is no more fiction or myth but it is reality.

Largest Solar Power Plant in South Africa

Recent catastrophic events of year 2010 proved that if we did not act fast we will be doomed. The only option is to generate power from renewable sources like solar, wind and water. Solar energy is the best option because running expenses are very low and it do not emits polluted gases. solar energy is cheap and also clean than other energy resources.

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